Sunday, March 11, 2012

3 years ago...

It's been 3 years since situations came about that would change my life forever. It was called the 3 Strikes Mustang Ranch. Three years sometimes seams like yesterday. What this situation did; was open my eyes to what is going on in the real world.

As much as I love animals, I had no idea of what was happening to so many, throughout our entire country. How nice it was to have my own little world going on here at the ranch, with our content and happy dogs, cats, horses, and cows. It was easy to not know about the fate of the unfortunate ones.

I had no idea of the war going on for the horses; and it continues. I hate to admit this, but I had no idea of the slaughter issues (who slaughters a horse?) - or puppy mills, abuse to farm animals, etc etc. Why would I look that up on Google?

Now I know. It's heart-breaking to see. So many stories of rescues gone bad, for whatever reason - that doesn't help the good ones. So many stories, pictures, and videos of animal abuse - horse slaughter in a sick and demented way - calves having their skin peeled from their body while they are still alive - horses being stabbed in the neck over and over with cheers in the background - animals being dumped to fend for themselves, without food or water - BLM rounding up horses (for what reason, really?) while helicopters run them to their death?

I used to think I couldn't do anything to help. That can NEVER be ANYONE'S cop-out reasoning again. There's so much you can do; from writing letters, donating (research for the good and ligit ones), making phone calls to officials, and just pure and simply doing the right thing and standing up, in some way, for the animals that cannot speak for themselves to those who refuse to listen.

A challenge; look in their eyes and tell me they can't speak. They just can't cry out in words we understand; but they cry out. So do something for them, no matter how small a task. One letter can make a difference.

If you're not sure where to start, here's a suggestion: or or check out your local animal shelter; I'm sure they could always use help in some way.

And God Bless the people that care for the animals.