Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Cross

Don and I were driving to town one day, when we noticed a huge cross, just on the left side of entrance to 3 Strikes. I mentioned to Don, "Is that supposed to mean he's religious, or something?" Keep in mind, this was right after he knew I was taking pictures, and we all know he didn't like that.
Don thought different. He noticed the barbed wire and the material tied on the cross, his speculation was that it was put up to keep the 'evil spirits of the Freibergers' away. Got a chuckle out of it anyway. When Meduna first moved here, he talked about the moon, what it all meant; etc. Mother Earth stuff. (Mother Earth is probably not too happy with him)
That was the end of that, until after the land went up for sale, the cross disappeared. I figured the Real Estate place might have suggested he take it down. Later, when I was checking fence lines and cattle, I found the cross on our side of the fence! The cross had been driven up the fence quite a distance, and thrown over. No, I take that back...he probably could not have thrown it over, he would have drug it under the fence and left it there. I told the kids about it, and said, "Throw it back over on his side." They did, that was the end of that. (Yeah, right)

Went to check things out again, and magically...the cross was back on our side! I wasn't thinking at the time; we should have taken it home. We didn't bother moving it for quite some time, until the digging of the autogate episode happened on July 3rd, 2009.
Justin and Josh, there aren't always crazy about me taking their picture, but I convinced them it was all for documentation. (This is a 'hurry up and take the dang picture' look). We decided to put the cross at his entrance (NOT IN THE WAY) the same day they had to re-dig the autogate, July 4.
If you notice the ground is a little trampled here? People like Mudna, R Field, Marlyn, Dena (is there Internet in jail, Dena?), etc. would say how bare the ground is. The 'Look, No Grass' as Field says. (What a joke) How about it's bare because our heifers were walking around it, checking it out? And when they say I don't know what I'm talking about... they have just stated their ignorance.

All this, and NO trespassing! How about that? Except, we noticed again, the cross was gone, to no surprise. Drove up the fence line, dang- he must have found a new place to put it. Do you think it's on our land? Do bears poop in woods?
Don said I better see if I can find it in the meadow without knocking too much grass down. I didn't have to go far to find it. Drove the 4-wheeler along the fence, there it was. And we were going into the meadow in a few days. (haying)
And because we were busy putting up hay, like we do every summer, we hadn't taken the time to get the cross. A couple days later, I went to show the kids where it was. We were just going to bring it home. Dang it. It was gone. My plan was to put it up on our side, with a sign posted on it, pointing to the south that read, "Killing Fields" but it didn't work out. Oh heck, Don would have told me it was a bad idea anyway.

Now Jason groupies, are you going to still tell me he's an angel? ....and he's just being picked on by those nasty, evil, Freibergers?
By the way, wouldn't this qualify for more trespassing, on Mudna's part? Do I seem a little miffed here? I just hope R Field, Mr. Twister radio man, and others see this. But I've been told, it wouldn't matter to them anyway.

After we found the cross in our meadow, and then it was gone....we could not find it again. So I decided to let his lawyer, Mr. Berry be aware of all this. Is this not the way things are done? Did I really care? I have included the fax I sent to Mr. Berry. The fax also included the pictures.
Fax to Mr. Berry:

July 30, 2009
To: Berry Law Firm ATTN: John S. Berry Jr.

From: Vicki Freiberger

This is in regard to your client, Jason Meduna. The pictures I am faxing you, are of the log ‘cross’ that Jason Meduna had at the entrance of his property, to the left side of the road. Soon after the land (3-Strikes Ranch) was listed for sale, the cross was not there. We found the cross up the fence line to the west, thrown onto our land, where we had cows and calves at the time. I told my sons to throw it back over to his side. They did. We found the cross again, thrown over onto our land. When my sons, Justin and Josh, dug out Jason’s auto gate, (because he would not) and our calves were going to walk the auto gate, to lay in the shade of his entrance sign; they also carried the ‘cross’ and set in inside of Jason’s entrance. They did not trespass to do so, as my photos show. The next day, we noticed the ‘cross’ was gone. I looked in our pasture, and did not find it. I drove to the east of Jason’s entrance on our meadow, and up in the corner, I found the ‘cross’ laying in our meadow. Which, please note, he would have had to trespass onto our land, to position it where it lay. We decided to go and get the ‘cross’ and just take it home, so we didn’t have to worry about it anymore. Justin and Josh went to get the ‘cross’ a couple days after that, and could not find it. Which please note; when he came and retrieved the cross from our meadow, he had to trespass again.

We will be moving into this meadow to hay very soon. I do not know where he put the cross now, but I want you to know, that if we hit that ‘cross’ with our swather, (which by the way, it is a new, New Holland swather and this is the first summer we have used it) it will destroy the swather. The grass is tall, and it won’t be seen until it is too late. If we run into it, it will be Jason Meduna’s sole responsibility to replace it. The cost of this swather is $35,000 - $40,000. Jason C. Meduna will be liable for any damage the ‘cross’ causes to our land, our tractor, and our New Holland swather.

For the first time in 30 years of living on this ranch, there was also a gate dropped between our neighbor, Grover Thompson and us. Luckily, no cattle got mixed up. The gate is beside the road that goes to town. After Justin and Josh dug out Jason’s auto gate, it was filled back in, with even more sand than they dug out. There was also the salt and mineral bunk that was drug to the center of our auto gate, which our kids would have run into in the dark. My daughter-in-law is pregnant, what would have happened had they ran into that bunk, and her air-bag deployed? I would appreciate the shenanigans being ended.

Thank you for your time.
Vicki Freiberger

This is also being sent to the Sheriff of Morrill County, and to the Morrill County Attorney.

That's why we were watching the ground so close when we came across the Mudna's blair witch project. We have not seen the cross since. Maybe he cut it up.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last of the Land Tour

This is the last of the journey around
the former 3 Strikes Mustang Ranch.

Some believe 'he just got in over his head'.

I see the fences unattended: broken wires and posts.
It is a wonder the whole herd of horses
did not escape from their approaching death.

It may be somewhat difficult to see,
but there are horses in the background
of this picture. It is sad that there is no feed.

This is an awful lot of land,
with nothing but miles of sand.

This poor girl did not make it.
Neither did her baby.

But this is what she,
as so many others,
had to eat.
They stand on the horizon.

Jason told me once,
that mustangs do not eat
the same as domestic horses.

There are 5 horses in the background.
How far did they have to go to get water?

They weren't going to find it here.

Something I'll never understand,
how can anyone see these pictures...
and still believe he cared for the horses?
My thought is, if you have a horse rescue
and you don't see anything wrong with
the pictures of this land....

You may not be worthy of having horses...

This carcass was quite close the the windmill.

Can there be any doubt
of what happened here?
Jason said his ranch was the only
one in the United States that had
the most variety of mustangs...

It still may be true,
but their bones are piled
on the ground
under hay.

These horses were all on the west
side of the place.
They died from what?
Old age?

How many said
that these are all just cow bones?


In the harassment case that Jason
was trying to get pinned on me....
This was the conversation
about the windmills:

Jason, "What about the windmill?"
You mentioned on the forum seeing
the windmill down."
Vicki, "Yes."
Jason (smugly), "You said on the forum
the windmill wasn't working,
then you said it was turned off.
Which is it?"
Vicki, "Well, if it is turned off, it's not working."
(It wasn't long after that,
the whole thing was on the ground.)
I had taken roughly 475 pictures
of the perimeter of the X 3x's.

We are now back to the north side
of the former 3 Strikes
and I am standing on our land.
I had put together a folder of
184 of those pictures.

(Notice again, the path of eaten
grass on our side)

During the trial, there were SO MANY
pictures entered in to evidence,
I was told I would have to cut some of mine.
I made a cut to 31.

I would have to cut more.

"Down to how many?"
"Three, how can I do that?"
'Find 4. We'll see.'
El Mariachi was to stay as one.
I picked 3 others.
Only 2 of those were entered,
along with El Mariachi.

(They are not shown on my blog)

That goes to show, there was enough
evidence without any of these
pictures, to prove just how much
Jason actually loved
and cared for the horses.

This is a 'gate latch' Jason put up.
He actually took ours off
when he moved in,
and replaced it with this!
Some more of his 'old school'.

The sign is down, and this land
breathes a breath of fresh air.
The new owners are wonderful,
and God has brought change.....
for the good.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Blair Witch? ..... or Mudna?

I'm guessing it was sometime towards the end of July, 2009; that someone made a symbol in the grass, by Justin and Allie's. We had been watching the ground very closely as we mowed (meadow ground - haying season) watching for the huge cross made out of two logs that Jason kept throwing on to our property, and now the cross had disappeared.

As Justin was mowing the meadow beside his house, his eye caught something brown on the ground. He immediately stopped the tractor and got down to investigate. Kicking around in the mowed hay, he didn't find anything. He thought at first it was the cross, but after searching for a few minutes - he was sure there was no log.
The next day, after raking the hay, something was discovered. I doubt he ever wanted us to find this. I wouldn't doubt if there are more around the place. The thing he doesn't understand is: Our God is bigger than his.
This symbol really couldn't be seen so easily from the ground. Probably the only reason it was spotted, was because the kids noticed it from up higher, in the tractor. Justin called me to come over and check it out. It measured about 11' from point to point.

Camera in hand, it was definitely something. Then we had Don come look. At first when we were at the house telling him about it, he mentioned that it was probably due to something else, something laying in the grass that covered it long enough, and killed the grass out.

'No, it's something different.' So he went to check it out. Definitely it was a symbol. We started a search on the Internet for symbols...just mostly out of curiosity as to what the boy wonder next door was thinking.

Josh came down on the 3rd day, and said, "Mom, type in Blair Witch". So I did, and as far as I am concerned, he was trying to copy that symbol. Can we prove it? Well, that's how he thinks he can escape justice.

Was it Round-Up or something? Who knows. I know it took a little bit of time; but he must not have been a good colorer in school, the lines are crooked. Of course, that might have something to do with being in a hurry so you don't get caught.

Directly on the other side of the group of trees is a small corral, and Justin and Allie's house. And directly to the south about a mile, is where Meduna lived.

Who could have done such a thing as this? Enquiring minds want to know.... right. What I don't understand...would his followers still believe him after seeing things like this? Never mind, I know, they'd say we planted it - our fault - we hate horses. Life is strange sometimes; and I will admit, I sometimes wish I'd been driving by in my 'Mad Max' truck and noticed someone 'playing' on our meadow. That's all I mean... just driving by..... noticing.

Where Was The Grass?

...Continuing on with my 4-wheeler trip,
Meduna lived at the place
you can see in the back ground.
You may not be able to view it too well,
it's where the trees are.
Guess which side was 3 Strikes?
.....times up - it's on the left.

X - 3 Strikes land is on the right.

At Meduna's trial, Anissa testified
that they had someone put
the hay up, to 'show there was grass'.

My question:
To show there was grass....
when? At that time?

What about the grass
in the summer of 2009?
Was there grass on the hills?
(the foreground on the above photo is a neighbor's pasture)

The question was not
whether or not there was grass
in September and October of 2009,

the question was, how much grass was there in
February, March, and April of 2009?

When there were horses on the land,
looking for grass....

...can you see how they might have cut
the skin around their nose?
They must have learned to close their eyes
as they nuzzled in the soapweeds,
desperately trying to find something to eat.

Many of the horses had cuts
on their nose, eyes, and face.
They were trying to find nourishment
in the soapweeds.
You can see the land border.
Do YOU see any grass?
You cannot count that on the left,
it was not part of 3 Strikes.
How many times did the horses walk this corner?
Looking over the fence, they saw grass
...but it belonged to someone else.
It didn't matter where I went around the property.
It was the same thing.
The path of eaten grass on a neighbor's land,
the horse had tried to find more food.