Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last of the Land Tour

This is the last of the journey around
the former 3 Strikes Mustang Ranch.

Some believe 'he just got in over his head'.

I see the fences unattended: broken wires and posts.
It is a wonder the whole herd of horses
did not escape from their approaching death.

It may be somewhat difficult to see,
but there are horses in the background
of this picture. It is sad that there is no feed.

This is an awful lot of land,
with nothing but miles of sand.

This poor girl did not make it.
Neither did her baby.

But this is what she,
as so many others,
had to eat.
They stand on the horizon.

Jason told me once,
that mustangs do not eat
the same as domestic horses.

There are 5 horses in the background.
How far did they have to go to get water?

They weren't going to find it here.

Something I'll never understand,
how can anyone see these pictures...
and still believe he cared for the horses?
My thought is, if you have a horse rescue
and you don't see anything wrong with
the pictures of this land....

You may not be worthy of having horses...

This carcass was quite close the the windmill.

Can there be any doubt
of what happened here?
Jason said his ranch was the only
one in the United States that had
the most variety of mustangs...

It still may be true,
but their bones are piled
on the ground
under hay.

These horses were all on the west
side of the place.
They died from what?
Old age?

How many said
that these are all just cow bones?


In the harassment case that Jason
was trying to get pinned on me....
This was the conversation
about the windmills:

Jason, "What about the windmill?"
You mentioned on the forum seeing
the windmill down."
Vicki, "Yes."
Jason (smugly), "You said on the forum
the windmill wasn't working,
then you said it was turned off.
Which is it?"
Vicki, "Well, if it is turned off, it's not working."
(It wasn't long after that,
the whole thing was on the ground.)
I had taken roughly 475 pictures
of the perimeter of the X 3x's.

We are now back to the north side
of the former 3 Strikes
and I am standing on our land.
I had put together a folder of
184 of those pictures.

(Notice again, the path of eaten
grass on our side)

During the trial, there were SO MANY
pictures entered in to evidence,
I was told I would have to cut some of mine.
I made a cut to 31.

I would have to cut more.

"Down to how many?"
"Three, how can I do that?"
'Find 4. We'll see.'
El Mariachi was to stay as one.
I picked 3 others.
Only 2 of those were entered,
along with El Mariachi.

(They are not shown on my blog)

That goes to show, there was enough
evidence without any of these
pictures, to prove just how much
Jason actually loved
and cared for the horses.

This is a 'gate latch' Jason put up.
He actually took ours off
when he moved in,
and replaced it with this!
Some more of his 'old school'.

The sign is down, and this land
breathes a breath of fresh air.
The new owners are wonderful,
and God has brought change.....
for the good.

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