Friday, February 19, 2010

Blair Witch? ..... or Mudna?

I'm guessing it was sometime towards the end of July, 2009; that someone made a symbol in the grass, by Justin and Allie's. We had been watching the ground very closely as we mowed (meadow ground - haying season) watching for the huge cross made out of two logs that Jason kept throwing on to our property, and now the cross had disappeared.

As Justin was mowing the meadow beside his house, his eye caught something brown on the ground. He immediately stopped the tractor and got down to investigate. Kicking around in the mowed hay, he didn't find anything. He thought at first it was the cross, but after searching for a few minutes - he was sure there was no log.
The next day, after raking the hay, something was discovered. I doubt he ever wanted us to find this. I wouldn't doubt if there are more around the place. The thing he doesn't understand is: Our God is bigger than his.
This symbol really couldn't be seen so easily from the ground. Probably the only reason it was spotted, was because the kids noticed it from up higher, in the tractor. Justin called me to come over and check it out. It measured about 11' from point to point.

Camera in hand, it was definitely something. Then we had Don come look. At first when we were at the house telling him about it, he mentioned that it was probably due to something else, something laying in the grass that covered it long enough, and killed the grass out.

'No, it's something different.' So he went to check it out. Definitely it was a symbol. We started a search on the Internet for symbols...just mostly out of curiosity as to what the boy wonder next door was thinking.

Josh came down on the 3rd day, and said, "Mom, type in Blair Witch". So I did, and as far as I am concerned, he was trying to copy that symbol. Can we prove it? Well, that's how he thinks he can escape justice.

Was it Round-Up or something? Who knows. I know it took a little bit of time; but he must not have been a good colorer in school, the lines are crooked. Of course, that might have something to do with being in a hurry so you don't get caught.

Directly on the other side of the group of trees is a small corral, and Justin and Allie's house. And directly to the south about a mile, is where Meduna lived.

Who could have done such a thing as this? Enquiring minds want to know.... right. What I don't understand...would his followers still believe him after seeing things like this? Never mind, I know, they'd say we planted it - our fault - we hate horses. Life is strange sometimes; and I will admit, I sometimes wish I'd been driving by in my 'Mad Max' truck and noticed someone 'playing' on our meadow. That's all I mean... just driving by..... noticing.

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  1. That is definately some sort of symbol I am thinking for witchcraft. If I were you I would have thrown salt over the pattern. Secondly I would not have cut that grass I would have cut around the symbol. I discovered a symbol in my back yard last week and it was a circle with design to the left of the circle like hair and a long line coming from the circle. To be hones it resembled a lolly pop with hair coming from the circular part to the left.