Thursday, February 11, 2010

Watch Out For That Bunk!

On July 3rd, 2009.... before I noticed the filled-back-in auto gate, I found this salt and mineral bunk in the middle of our auto gate...

In the background of the above picture is the entrance to the former 3 Strikes Ranch.
The kids had gone into town after they dug out Meduna's autogate (the 1st time) for the Alliance 4th of July Fireworks Display (on the 3rd). Don and I stayed home, as we were all now accustomed to never leaving the place unattended.

It was towards evening, and with some of our cattle in the bordering pasture to Mudna's, I decided to go check everything out again. As I rounded the corner, there to my surprise was one of our blue plastic tubs we put salt and mineral in for the cattle. We have two pieces of approximately 4'-5' long rebar criss-crossed on the bottom of the tub to prevent cattle from tipping the bunk over. The bunk was about half full, so that means there was around 80 lbs. total of salt and mineral in it. So he drug it from the spot that is about half way between the autogate and his entrance, all the while trespassing. Or should I say, someone drug it.

This picture shows how far the bunk was drug, and was left in the middle of our autogate. What this means is: later that evening, when it was dark...someone probably would have run into the tub on the way back from town. A normal tub, not having rebar sticking out of the sides, may have slid off the autogate, but then stopped when it hit the dirt, and went up under the vehicle. Now this particular bunk, could have very easily got stuck in the pipes of the autogate, and could have done some serious danger when the rebar went up under the vehicle. Driving home that night, in one automobile, were Josh, Josie and my little granddaughter, Cadence....and Justin and Allie (who by the way was very pregnant) - so what could have happened when an air bag went off into Allie?

That is probably why, after I moved the bunk out of the way, I went home and called Mr. Berry (Jason's lawyer) and left a message about it. I was a little upset.

Oh by the way, this is another thing that Jason tried to bring up at my 'harassment case'... was that I was calling HIS lawyer; HARASSING MR. BERRY!!!!

My tape measures, measuring to see just how far he did trespass to do this little job.

Wish I had a dime for every time he's trespassed on us. Or like, a dime a foot....


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  1. This is chilling.

    And you had to live next to this guy for three years??? Talk about the neighbour from H*ll moving in!