Monday, February 1, 2010


I drove out of the yard, nerves ready to have a volcanic eruption. It was Wednesday morning, August 5th, 2009. Jason and Anissa Meduna were taking me to County Court (probably didn't want it to be in front of the Judge whom he would face for animal cruelty charges, so they opted for County) for Harassment Charges... against them. It is about a 20 minute drive into town, and then 40 to Bridgeport. By the time I got to town, I decided I was not going to freak out over this, I had God on my side, and I was pretty sure they didn't.

I was still rather nervous, until they were in view. Funny how the mind kicks in to 'justice mode' when it's needed. My attorney was there with me. To my surprise, Meduna was representing himself! I am sure that his lawyer, Mr. Berry didn't even know Meduna filed this charge against me. Mr. Berry seemed to me to be a little more professional than that. I would think he croaked when he found out.

Oh yes, the title. When I left that morning, the kids knowing how upset I was (after I had just received notice the Friday before and only had a few days to prepare...) they wanted to take the edge off a little. I had never been in court, and I don't watch any court TV, so what did I know? Justin and Josh said, "Come on Mom, take one for the team. Smile at him or something...and he'll attack you. A broken arm or something; you can do it. Then the Sheriff will take care of the rest." I love my sons.

The Mailbox, I've already written a little about. But imagine my surprise when Jason brought this up. HE was questioning ME... he sat about 5' from me. The County Judge was at my left side. So Meduna asked, 'why did you try to get the Post Office to not allow us to have a mailbox at our house?' (some of you have already heard all this) - Terry started to 'object', but I was already starting to answer the question. I forgot I was supposed to let Terry have time to object, but I so wanted the Judge to hear my side!!

The Judge said he didn't see the relevance, and Mudna said it was intimidation. (The judge had mentioned that word before, that's what Meduna was labeling all of his arguments from then on - 'intimidation'). I looked at Jason Meduna and said, "You must not remember, but when you first moved here, I called the Post Office, trying to help YOU get your mailbox moved to your house." Then I turned to the judge, "Your Honor, when Jason and Anissa first moved here, their mailbox was over at the main county road, which is about 2 miles from their house (it's actually further). I called the Post Office, asking why they couldn't put a mailbox at their house? What the Post Office is trying to do, is whenever someone new moves in, they are telling them they have to have their mailbox on the main Broadwater Road, ...I also visited with Jason, saying if he could make his entrance corral area big enough for the mail lady to drive over the auto gate, and turn around there, it might work." Jason then started to say, 'what about you saying I couldn't put a mailbox there?' (Well, duh... no, he couldn't put a mail box in our pasture, but he could at his entrance, but I didn't get to say that.) Terry objected, Judge agreed. Jason started to ask me again about the mailbox and the Judge said, "I sustained the motion, do you have another question?" Jason again, started to mention the mailbox... the Judge very adamantly said, "I think we've already taken care of the mailbox, next question."

Well now, I'm pumped. 'This ain't so bad'....was going thru my mind. Oh what the Judge must have thought about Meduna. I could tell in the first few minutes, he was going no where. I was glad Terry was there, along with Mom and Dad, Jean (the County Attorney) and Sheriff John.

After I received my summons, I called Terry on Friday, July 31st. I told him if he was already busy he could just tell me what to say, etc. It was then that I found out, if I had been found guilty, or the charge went through, they would have came to our house and confiscated all of our guns! (the 2 BB guns we have) - for a year!! So Don told me, "If you get this pinned on you, tell John to just bring the cuffs, I will not surrender my guns."

So, we still have our BB guns..... and two people stormed out of the room that day!

Of course, there's more....

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