Friday, January 29, 2010

...the Vet has determined Toxic Poisoning....

This 'blog' is a mixture of things: more of the pictures I took of 3 Strikes Ranch, and comments and thoughts of being accused of poisoning the horses. One look at the land, I think everyone knows what happened to the horses. People who later became my friends, began to tell me of the lies Jason told them. Everything from feeding our cows against the fence line in order to poison his horses; to telling them we didn't have horses, hated horses, and that's why we wanted him gone.

This is the south side of 3 Strikes Ranch. I'm zoomed in with my camera, but you can see it's still pretty close to his buildings. While I was on the 4 wheeler taking all the pictures, someone came out of the trailer, looked my way. I found myself feeling a little intimidated, nervous, and I think my heart was beating a little more rapidly. But my anger for what was happening to the land and the horses prevailed, and I continued taking pictures.

One thing to note: Time Frame. I was seen taking these pictures February 10th , and March 3rd thru March 7th. BLM authorities (other than the one in his hip pocket), State authorities and others received the picture book of 3 Strikes land, around March 17th thru the 21st. Suddenly, the Deputy Sheriff is at our door March 28th, reporting Meduna's claim that Justin stole Rayu. Jason saw me taking pictures March 6th, suddenly he's on the board, 2nd week in March, saying they had to bring the horses in because the neighbors were poisoning them.

Think I'll save my money and not hire a private investigator to figure that one out.


This is what Jason TOLD everybody on the 'horse forums'. As I've said, up until someone emailed me a link to ABR - (that was the first one I read on); I had no idea anything like this even existed. So here's what I read:

'Jason and Anissa M. of 3 Strikes need help with some mustangs that have come down with some kind of (what the vet has thus far determined to be) toxic poisoning.'

'What on earth is this about?!!' was most likely my first thought, close second would be something like, 'That big fat liar.' So I figure now is as good a time as any to continue with land pictures... I'm thinking it's NOT poisoning, just as the vet ACTUALLY thought also. The vet did not say he figured it was toxic poisoning, that is what Jason lied to everyone (one of the lies he told).

The pictures continue on, clockwise around the perimeter of Meduna's land. These are other neighbors that border him.

In the following picture, the foreground is the neighbor's land to the south of Meduna's. The dark spot and circle you notice by the fence; it was a horse that died there. One of Meduna's, on the opposite side of 3 Strikes Ranch property.

This is horse hair, and the neighbors did not lose a horse. It was one from 3 Strikes Ranch. The wires were broken, someone must have stood the post up along the fence...maybe a neighbor to get Jason's attention? I would say this horse struggled, horrendously. Either from being too weak to get up, or did he get caught in the wire, trying to get to food on the other side, and couldn't get free? Jason's land is on the right of the fence.

Besides some hair, this is the only remains I could find of the horse.


'All of the horses affected by this are up against a fence line that boarders another ranch. No other horses are affected or ever go into that horses have access to that area right now.' (March 15, 2009)

That other ranch, being the Freibergers.... and I'm reading this from the Internet with my mouth dropped open and my eyes in permanent frown mode!


(This is southeast of Jason's buildings. The left lower corner is another neighbor's land, the meadow-if you can call it that, is Meduna's. Notice wires down, and the grass eaten on the neighbor's side. I'm pretty sure these horses were just simply looking for something to eat.)

And then of course, there was the asking for donations for the help with their toxic poisoned horses. HA. If it weren't for the horrible outcome of the horses, and the intentional destruction this would almost be funny.

The right side was owned by Meduna. It is meadow ground. The sad thing is, it is also a salt grass, that usually gets left by animals. The brown looking grass toward the middle of the picture are bull rushes. We put up rushes during haying season for bedding roads and blow-outs! Why? Because the cattle AND horses DO NOT EAT them. They ate at much as they could reach of the neighbors' ground across the fence also.

The corker here is, Jason told certain people all this stuff to post, but they unfortunately, had no idea at the start of this, that he was lying to them.

(The middle fence is part of 3 Strikes. The trees in the far right, are where I found a dead horse. The buildings in the far left, was Meduna's.)

So most of what you read, is what Jason told them to say. I don't blame them - in fact, they are good friends now; they were just victims of the sickness of a couple people.

Then there was talk on the board about cattle feed that could kill a horse instantly. So here I am reading all this, in total shock; and keep in is Anissa and Jason. And they know what is going on. Then it's stated that they are tick infested. But why, Jason said, 'along the stretch of land the horses hang out is a cedar tree wind break on the neighbor's cattle ranch.' Now I'm reading this thinking, funny....our cows, horses or dogs don't have ticks. Why are our ticks just hi-tailing it to Meduna's and jumping on his horses? Especially when our trees are not close to Meduna's land. LIES LIES LIES. It was starting to drive me crazy, all the reading and comments about our family. My dear like-a-'little'-brother friend kept telling me to be careful and not let it get to me.

'He has brought that ranch from nothing to something ...has spent the past couple years cleaning it up' ....I, personally, have a bit of a different outlook on that.

'With wind blowing out there, it could have blown anything in.' Our land didn't blow. Jason even bragged of sandstorms on his ranch! Now I'm sorry, but how stupid is that? The last thing all of us would do is brag about how our land was blowing like in Hidago. That is exactly what he did. The difference is, all of his neighbors had ground cover, his land was the only land moving like the sand storms in the movie Hidalgo. Those poor horses. They were sand blown in the corrals also. When a horse is standing by a windbreak, in a sand storm, it just circles around and gets caught in the updrafts, believe me, they were not out of the weather.

"if neighboring ranch is using mineral....can be picked up by the wind and dispersed huge distances" NO, NO, NO. When you have a total of 25 lb. of mineral, mixed with 25 lb. of salt - (which by the way, the mineral contains NOTHING that could hurt a horse, BECAUSE OUR HORSES HAVE ACCESS TO IT ALSO!) and that 50 lb of salt and mineral is in a plastic tub, that only fills it to half full, and is located NO WHERE close to Meduna's land that the wind could pick up and carry that far - no way, no how.

It was posted on ABR, that the vet told Anissa he thought they may be able to help 'Blue' and that he wouldn't give up on the little foal. In court, Meduna testified differently. So the board is raising funds for Meduna for 3 horses that are 'sick' from poisoning, and they need tests. As of March 16, there are now $675.00 raised for this. There is little 'Blue', fighting for his life at the vets, and another horse that is sick at the ranch, 'that as the same thing the other foal has.' No one would ever dream they aren't being fed!

On March 17, it was stated that 'Jason is busy trying to get the ducks in a row for the rest of the horses (5 total) that are being affected by this.' .....Now I'm reading this, wondering what about all the dead ones I've seen while taking pictures??????

March 18, Anissa sends a message thru someone on the board (ABR) that 'Blue' is still hanging in there, fighting and struggling to stand on his own.' The board is still raising funds to figure out what's wrong.

March 19, Jason sends a message thru someone on ABR... 'there's concern with possible intentional feeding of cattle feed to some of the horses....the fence line band of horses are the ones affected - next to the cattle ranch.'

And if that's not enough, later they post on the board that little Blue died. Now they are going to ask money for necropsy tests to be done on the dead colt. BUT.......
he's not dead! I'm thinking there's a law against that..... raising money for a dead horse to be tested, that is not dead.

The last two pictures are of horses that were kept up by the house.

I hope they survived. Did they survive?

I have now covered the entire east side (perimeter), north to south. There's the west side left. No, it doesn't improve.......


  1. Vicki, that must have been such an awful time for you when you were reading all the lies and falsehoods online.

    You did the right thing. You took all these pictures and you kept on trying to get the appropriate authorities to take a look at the situation.

    I'm sorry you went through so much stress before people started actually listening to you.

  2. Ditto here - thanks for being so good at documenting! Besides getting the truth out there for ordinary folks, it's also great for the case against Jason.

    The post with all the photos of dead horses is very haunting.

    Thanks again for doing this, and I hope you get TONS of satisfaction from the judge.