Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Step Forward....Twenty Leaps Back

Having been away for SSSOOOOO long in the 'horse world' (meaning the online forums and stuff I like to check in on) - if it weren't for R.T. Fitch's writings, posts, etc. or the other friends on FB postings; I would be completely out of touch. For so very long, I have been silently reading about a 'rescue' gone bad in West Virginia. To most of you, I'm sure I don't even need to mention a name, and I choose not to. My heart was just heavy as more and more came out about this story. I had high hopes that it was just a big exaggerated mess.

It bewilders me how things can turn, or maybe the road was never on a curve, but a straight hi-way; with no road signs or speed limits. I must have been on the curb, waving at the traffic zooming by. That doesn't make sense? Well, this whole story doesn't make sense to me. What is weird, is that this person was one of the very FIRST people to offer her help in getting Meduna exposed when all the 3 Strikes stuff was happening. She took hits from people all over the place when she was trying to help 'warn' them about what was going on over there. She defended me whole heartily, and I defended her when people started bashing her about different things.

Then the day came when I became silent....I wanted to sit back and try and figure this out for myself. I DID NOT want to be like one of 'those people who knew nothing of Meduna, but defended him to the gills.' I always thought they were so stupid. I have not wanted to join those ranks, and be blind-sided on that curb. So I read the comments, and then I got busy at the ranch...and then the subject came up again when a friend on FB was mentioning needing to find places to take the horses that were being seized from that certain rescue. My heart fell again. I pushed it all to some distant corner in my brain, and kept doing the work here that needed to be done. Today I got on one of the forums, and it all surfaced again. This time I saw pictures.

I have no idea where things went wrong for her, or if they always were wrong and I didn't realize it, or if really bad circumstances happened and it was a sinking ship - but they did go wrong. I can't deny the pictures though, and I have to admit, that sort of thing doesn't just happen overnight. I just sort of hate thinking about it, to tell you the truth.

I do not like the term, 'he/she just got in over their head' - that's what I heard a lot of about Meduna. I found that hard to believe since people from back east confirmed that his history was long in contributing to the suffering of animals; and not just horses. So when someone claims to be a horse rescue, a sanctuary, whatever.... I do believe they 'should know better'. If you really care about the animals, and have their health, happiness, and best interest in the forefront; you don't just 'oops, have too many' - or 'oops, ran out of food' - or 'oops, no one would help'. Be real, we are supposed to be adults, making adult decisions. These are helpless animals. We know better.

Talk about living a sheltered life; I didn't know there was anything that existed called 'hoarding' until I started reading those forums...and now they have a T.V. show about hoarding. No, I have not tuned in yet; not sure I want to watch that. It's like there's some shows on Animal Planet that I hate to watch. If you have too low of blood pressure, it would be beneficial to watch.

In my rambling on, I'm just trying to figure out how people can let any of this happen? I'm probably referring more to 3 Strikes now, than anything. I think about the people who supported him; without wanting to know the truth. They must have been in it for their political or listener ratings reasons. So sad. Those people, you probably can't touch, because greed covers their heart.

The whole problem I see is this: there are many, many good rescues. Ones that know their limit on how many animals they can take in, according to accommodations, feed, money, etc. But when the media gets a hold of 'a rescue gone bad' - the forward progress is hurled backwards. Now the question is - just who are the good ones?...what if they don't really spend my donation for the horse's needs?...are they really a good rescue?.... on and on.

So naturally, the good rescues have to be hurt when news gets out about an animal seizure. Wish there was an easy answer. Not everyone can afford to drive/fly all over to visit the place and see if they are legit. I know first hand how an Internet web site can be falsified; and made to look fabulous; at the expense of the horses.

I just hope if you are a rescue place, and really in trouble for whatever reason; stop getting more horses! Stop breeding them, (or whatever animal it is) and get some help. I think it would be better if you are incapable of taking animals in - donate to a place that has the facilities needed. And I guess if you are a person that has only yourself in mind, anything anyone says to help isn't going to matter anyway....then you probably deserve what you get.

I realize, I have been told before I don't know what I'm talking about; as I'm not even involved in horse rescue.....but we do have cattle. We know our limitations of how many animals can be run on our land....and know about land management. We do know the difference in how animals eat.... and how that affects the land. The only 'rescue' animals I have are cats; but along with those and the cattle; there are of course dogs, our own cats, and horses.

If you choose to take care of animals, take care of them. If you can't - get help.
That's just my thoughts on a Saturday night.
And the Huskers did a fine job today!!

By the way..... God bless all you that fight for the helpless animals - for the horses - and that take care of them. I'm sure it seems a thankless job sometimes, I know it's hard work. What you do is amazing.