Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Step Forward....Twenty Leaps Back

Having been away for SSSOOOOO long in the 'horse world' (meaning the online forums and stuff I like to check in on) - if it weren't for R.T. Fitch's writings, posts, etc. or the other friends on FB postings; I would be completely out of touch. For so very long, I have been silently reading about a 'rescue' gone bad in West Virginia. To most of you, I'm sure I don't even need to mention a name, and I choose not to. My heart was just heavy as more and more came out about this story. I had high hopes that it was just a big exaggerated mess.

It bewilders me how things can turn, or maybe the road was never on a curve, but a straight hi-way; with no road signs or speed limits. I must have been on the curb, waving at the traffic zooming by. That doesn't make sense? Well, this whole story doesn't make sense to me. What is weird, is that this person was one of the very FIRST people to offer her help in getting Meduna exposed when all the 3 Strikes stuff was happening. She took hits from people all over the place when she was trying to help 'warn' them about what was going on over there. She defended me whole heartily, and I defended her when people started bashing her about different things.

Then the day came when I became silent....I wanted to sit back and try and figure this out for myself. I DID NOT want to be like one of 'those people who knew nothing of Meduna, but defended him to the gills.' I always thought they were so stupid. I have not wanted to join those ranks, and be blind-sided on that curb. So I read the comments, and then I got busy at the ranch...and then the subject came up again when a friend on FB was mentioning needing to find places to take the horses that were being seized from that certain rescue. My heart fell again. I pushed it all to some distant corner in my brain, and kept doing the work here that needed to be done. Today I got on one of the forums, and it all surfaced again. This time I saw pictures.

I have no idea where things went wrong for her, or if they always were wrong and I didn't realize it, or if really bad circumstances happened and it was a sinking ship - but they did go wrong. I can't deny the pictures though, and I have to admit, that sort of thing doesn't just happen overnight. I just sort of hate thinking about it, to tell you the truth.

I do not like the term, 'he/she just got in over their head' - that's what I heard a lot of about Meduna. I found that hard to believe since people from back east confirmed that his history was long in contributing to the suffering of animals; and not just horses. So when someone claims to be a horse rescue, a sanctuary, whatever.... I do believe they 'should know better'. If you really care about the animals, and have their health, happiness, and best interest in the forefront; you don't just 'oops, have too many' - or 'oops, ran out of food' - or 'oops, no one would help'. Be real, we are supposed to be adults, making adult decisions. These are helpless animals. We know better.

Talk about living a sheltered life; I didn't know there was anything that existed called 'hoarding' until I started reading those forums...and now they have a T.V. show about hoarding. No, I have not tuned in yet; not sure I want to watch that. It's like there's some shows on Animal Planet that I hate to watch. If you have too low of blood pressure, it would be beneficial to watch.

In my rambling on, I'm just trying to figure out how people can let any of this happen? I'm probably referring more to 3 Strikes now, than anything. I think about the people who supported him; without wanting to know the truth. They must have been in it for their political or listener ratings reasons. So sad. Those people, you probably can't touch, because greed covers their heart.

The whole problem I see is this: there are many, many good rescues. Ones that know their limit on how many animals they can take in, according to accommodations, feed, money, etc. But when the media gets a hold of 'a rescue gone bad' - the forward progress is hurled backwards. Now the question is - just who are the good ones?...what if they don't really spend my donation for the horse's needs?...are they really a good rescue?.... on and on.

So naturally, the good rescues have to be hurt when news gets out about an animal seizure. Wish there was an easy answer. Not everyone can afford to drive/fly all over to visit the place and see if they are legit. I know first hand how an Internet web site can be falsified; and made to look fabulous; at the expense of the horses.

I just hope if you are a rescue place, and really in trouble for whatever reason; stop getting more horses! Stop breeding them, (or whatever animal it is) and get some help. I think it would be better if you are incapable of taking animals in - donate to a place that has the facilities needed. And I guess if you are a person that has only yourself in mind, anything anyone says to help isn't going to matter anyway....then you probably deserve what you get.

I realize, I have been told before I don't know what I'm talking about; as I'm not even involved in horse rescue.....but we do have cattle. We know our limitations of how many animals can be run on our land....and know about land management. We do know the difference in how animals eat.... and how that affects the land. The only 'rescue' animals I have are cats; but along with those and the cattle; there are of course dogs, our own cats, and horses.

If you choose to take care of animals, take care of them. If you can't - get help.
That's just my thoughts on a Saturday night.
And the Huskers did a fine job today!!

By the way..... God bless all you that fight for the helpless animals - for the horses - and that take care of them. I'm sure it seems a thankless job sometimes, I know it's hard work. What you do is amazing.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Beginnings

We've (well - I should say, 'the guys' mostly)
have worked many hours...days......
in getting the land cleaned up and ready for cattle.
'The land' being the land that Greens purchased from Meduna.
I've said it before, but I don't think I can say it enough....
we are so fortunate to have Dan and Kylie as neighbors.
(and I'm not just saying that because our cows are on their land!)
And I'm also not just saying that just because Kylie is a fantastic cook....
and shares with us!!!!
We fixed some of the fence around the lake,
and changed other parts of it.
I'm driving the loader while Don pulls posts.
(He's way too trust-worthy of his driver....
but he didn't realize I was taking pictures at the same time)
Josh (driving) and Justin (unrolling new wire)
on the south side of the lake.
We spent an unbelievable amount of time just pulling wire out of the ground,
buried in the dirt. There were interior fences, they were just broken up
and on (in) the ground. We've rolled up scads of wire.
There really wasn't too much in the line of boundaries for the horses.
East side, west side; that was about it.
The guys were figuring out what could be fixed on the windmill.
Dan thought best to put in solar.
Windmills might be cool looking, but solar is the ticket.
Nothing like NOT having to hook pump-jacks up.
We're working towards getting more on our place;
it's just a matter of budgeting them at a time.

Josh and Don on 4-wheelers moving our replacement heifers
on to Green's - the pasture they put the solar in.
The hail did not help the grass situation this year.
The grass on the hills is struggling to exist...
hail and hoppers don't help much.

Our heifers at the solar tank; the windmill is gone - but the water is flowing.

This stacker belonged to the Koopers. I sort of like thinking of times gone by, when Glen and Lucille lived here. I imagine Glen put up a lot of hay with this! And then he updated. You know, I'm pretty sure even when Don and I were first married, Glen would hook up the horses to help with the haying. I think he used them to feed, also. The coolest thing was all of his family helping during the summer in the hay field. Some cherished memories were made there.

Times change.

I can't say that I'm not glad they do. Makes our work a whole lot easier.
Makes our time more efficient; makes Don think we should be able to get more done!

The land to the south of us has a new beginning. People who care, and want to do right by the land. To fix it up and make it whole again. Our neighborhood is once again, filled with people who care, are kind, and want to be good neighbors. The whole lot of us!

Now we just have to find the time to all get together!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gilbert R Field

Today marks another 'one year ago today' episode. It's probably not real significant in the big picture of the former 3 Strikes Ranch; but it is something that gave a couple of Jason Meduna's supporters something more to lie about....
I've written about it; when Justin and Josh dug out the auto gate (some call them 'cattle guards'). That was on July 3, 2009. Most people living beside the Medunas would do the same: that is- make sure your own cattle couldn't just walk across an auto gate and get on to his property. That's the whole just of it; he wouldn't dig them out. He was the only 'neighbor' that would not dig out the auto gates when needed. We were his only neighbor that had an auto gate to dig out, as he had to drive through our land to get to his main entrance. There were other places he could enter his land, but the main entrance was thru ours.
After the kids dug the auto gate out, and Jason filled it back in, makes me wonder just what Gilbert Ray Field or Jim Lambley would have done; if they had spent the time on a hot summer day, digging out an auto gate - to keep cattle where they should be....only to have Meduna come and fill it back in. Yet, it was those 2 people who had conversation on Lambley's radio station, "The Twister", out of Gordon, NE; that the Freibergers were tresspassing onto Jason Meduna's land and digging out an auto gate that they had no business doing so. Besides this being a total lie, I wonder if they realized what idgits they made themselves sound like to anyone who knows what auto gates are all about? or what the standard, neighborly thing is about sharing the responsibility of digging out auto gates.
Which speaking of.... that is my subject. Ray Field - whom some in the horse world are familiar with. I prefer to call him Gilbert Ray Field, as that is his name. I received a call from a friend one day, telling me they just heard the Freibergers mentioned on the Gordon radio. It seems that Mr. Lambley, and Gilbert have developed a talk show friendship and were defending Jason Meduna for all they were worth.
So the next week I decided to listen. Wow, they were talking about us! I think at some time, Mr. Twisted/Twister declared that Ray Field was not paying for his radio time. They must have really been friends then, because Gilbert had a lot of radio time on there. Once I got over being upset of all the lies he was telling, he became almost comical, foolish...I'm grasping for the correct word.
Ray, Gilbert, Gil - whoever..... this must have been a band wagon he jumped on for politcal, financial, publicity, or just a fight with BLM? He stated on air that he had never met Jason Meduna in person, that he would not even know him if he walked past him on the street....that being; he had never been to 3 Strikes Ranch. But my how he knew all about it, about the auto gate, about the Freiberger's tresspassing. In fact, in wrote about us on his website. I believe he called us the "Frillibergers". I'm not sure if that was just to make fun of our name, or he thought it might save him if he was ever brought into the court system.
He posted many pictures in reference to us. I imagine Jason or Anissa were sending them to him, or one of their fan club members. One picture in particular I think of; was a picture of the brother-in-law to the owner of Rayu. (A whole other story, Rayu being the horse Meduna said Justin - my son- stole, right out from under Jason's nose. The horse that was 'like a son to him'.)
I get off track pretty easily in talking about 3 Strikes Ranch, there is so much garbage to cover. Anyway, Gilbert posted a picture of this man standing at the fence, the opposite side of the fence showed cow poop. Imagine that, there had been cows in the pasture. These guys are smarter than I thought they were. What Gilbert claimed on his web site was the the Frilleibergers had purposely fed their cows up along the fenceline - (I think this had to do with the claims that we were feeding along the fenceline, poisoning Jason Meduna's horses - which would have included the horses owned by others that people had entrusted Jason Meduna to care for).
I sent many emails to Gilbert Field to ask him to remove what he was printing on the internet about us, because it was all lies. I even said he should come see for himself. He finally removed the picture I mentioned, after I emailed him and told him he must feel silly, because that picture was not even our land; but that I would pass it on to the people that did own the land, and that I was sure they would like to know Gilbert was putting pictures like that on his web site, about their land. That was the only thing he removed, until court proceedings started with Meduna (perfect timing for Gilbert)
Gil removed that picture. OK, I was gone for a minute; rounding up all the stuff copied from Gilbert's web site about the ..... Freibergers, I mean .... the "Frilibergers" or the "Frielebergers" or the "friliberge" or the (my favorite) "Frilelibergers" and the closest, "Freilberger". I even emailed Gilbert with the correct spelling of our name! HA HA.
I have the cutest little folder made about the Frilelibergers, since we had our own little section on Gilbert's web site. By the way, his organization is Wild Horse Foundation, in Texas. He will probably think to himself that he just got the edge, that I have promoted his web site. Oh.... contrare! I can't believe the people he has plastered on it. To each his own, but sort of confirms my thoughts of doing this just for political reasons.....problem is - HE PUT MY FAMILY THRU THE MUD IN DOING SO. So I cannot think too much good of people that promote him on his web site; I don't care who they are. I wonder if half of those people even know they are pictured on his site with their good buddy Gil?
Well, more about what he wrote - about us:
Neighbors Gone Wild.... was that about us? Gilbert is a silly person (it's hard to use the term, 'man'.)
Gilbert wrote that we wanted the land and the previous owner, (which would be Glen Kooper- God rest his soul; who was a very good friend of ours) - wouldn't sell it to us. Gilbert didn't mention the fact that Don and I were over at Glen and Lucille's talking about the land... we knew that people would buy it for more than we wanted to pay. Shame on Gilbert for telling any lies about Glen or Lucille. I'd say that makes Gil scum; to tell anything but the truth about Glen or Lucille. Glen was a good neighbor, who loved his family and his neighbors meant a lot to him. He said we'd been furious ever since Glen wouldn't sell the land to us.
Gilbert stated on his web site that we had started at $50 per acre in our offer (did anyone even take him serious???? - I mean that's a real smart person there to think anybody would even actually put an offer of $50 to someone for land. What a joke!) Anyway, he said we went from $50 to $200 per acre, but that the former owner (which would be Glen) hated our guts so bad that he sold the land to Meduna! That is what Gilbert Ray Field (I can spell his name correctly) - put on his web site. Then he talks about the fly over pictures; and that the bad land is actually ours, and he says people are asking how we can do that to our land.
One thing I almost forgot; as I was listening on the radio to Lambley and Gilbert talking, Gilbert said Jason had told him that he had the land sold for $220 and the Freibergers stopped the sale! (How much intelligence does it take on this one?) - (By the way, a smart person would have called Mr. Korth and found out the truth before they broadcast the wrong information) - So Gilbert went on to say that he told Jason he just can't let the Freibergers get away with this stuff. Don't let them bully him is what he said! And then.... this is a corker: he said, "Nobody looks at that property without the Freiberger's OK, nobody bids on the land without the Freiberger's OK, and nobody buys the land without the Freiberger's OK."
Nothing like comic land - my husband said, "geez, if we have that much clout, we should be doing something different!" Gave us all a good laugh anyway. I'm not sure how much Mr. Korth thought it was all funny when I visited to him about it. He mentioned he was going to make a phone call.
Keep in mind, I emailed Gilbert Ray Field, asking him if Jason was just sending this information to him? because it was lies - everything stated about us were lies. I asked him to remove the pictures and statements about us, but he would not. I also told Mr. Lambley that my husband would like to have a person-to-person interview with Field at the radio station, but there was no reply. Courageous, right? Definately not fair and balanced news!
Gilbert wrote on his web site that our 'children' (I'd like him to meet face to face with my 'children'!!) dug out the auto gate on the 'other people land' because we thought we would have run Meduna off by now. Wow - more intelligence!
And people support this type of person?
Gilbert posted a picture of our 3 horses by the fence, and a bale on Meduna's side, when Meduna had someone come bale hay - after the horses were gone mind you!!!! - and he put the caption as 'Please let us have good grass, its sweet and green....' I wrote back to him that the only reason our horses were at the fence line, was because they hadn't seen hay being put up over at Meduna's for years. They were astonished. I know, back and forth yackity-yack. But it was pretty hard seeing someone bash your family, and your family name on an internet site, where the whole world could read.
He accused me of 'losing my mind'. He accused me of 'stalking' - I guess Meduna. Well, I question Gilbert Fields true love for horses; if he had seen the dead horses that we did, could he have just ignored it? That does not make someone who has the horses' best interest at heart.
Gilbert said that ever since Jason owned the land, we have called the BLM more than the White House. He said the dead didn't get any rest around us. (Was he talking about the horses that died at Meduna's?) He said we've caused more harassment than any 'varment in the land'. He stated that the new owners will bring "these morons to stop faster than a prairie rabbit in heat"....morons meaning the Frileilgergs? Wow, and people throw money at this person.
What class he has...what integrity.
He stated that it's neighbors like these (that would be us) that make a man want to own sheep. Well I can't even throw a comment out there for Gilbert on that one. I guess he speaks for himself.
He stated this about me...

"anyone can spell DUMB"

"you LIE you get caught"

and he called me, "Gomer"
Personally, I liked Gomer Pyle!
And people throw money at this person?????
Reading down in my notes, Gilbert goes back to the autogate...(he's a gluton for making himself sound like a fool)...
He stated that looking at the picture of the auto gate that the 'filiberg had her kids dig out' on MEDUNA'S place (it was IN the fence line - not ON Meduna's place) that it looked like steel pipe (whoa, Gilbert does have some smarts about some stuff). He wanted someone to explain how an autogate could be dug out like I CLAIM it can be - he went on to say that I was telling a lie, but then made a comment like, 'oops I wouldn't tell a lie'. He's write, 'ole Gilbert is...I wouldn't tell a lie.
This is how we dig an auto gate out... (Of course on this one, they had to first remove the dirt on top of the auto gate that Meduna put on)

It's the magic auto gate. I doubt Gilbert knows anything about these sort of auto gates, it just takes a little muscle and willing to do some digging. (Twice in 2 days in this case for the Friellelberger children)

And then you just dig out the sides from under the pipes.

When you've dug it out, just put the center panel back where it goes.

All done. And they didn't even trespass!

Next, Gilbert says we don't have grass on our land, 'like the Three Strikes' - and he continues on to tell me, "Grow Up".
He also mentions the Range Management Specialist that did the proceedure wrong! I imagine Gilbert was fed many, many lies....yet he didn't desire to call us and ask our side. He slandered us, and made no attempt to find out the truth. As far as the grass test, as he testified in
court, there wasn't enough grass to 'cut' the clippings as they usually do - and for everyone's information, sadly; the grass in the hills is still not coming back as it should. Now Gilbert would just say I'm up to my lies again, but as he stated to me, 'the proof is is the puddin or in the sand'. I always thought that was a stupid saying, but 'in the sand'? Well, that one makes sense! "The proof is in the sand" .... "or not!"
Of course, Gilbert posted many pictures on his web site of the 3 Strikes Ranch. He posted pictures of hay that was put up by a couple of guys for Meduna. They did it for a percentage of the hay. Anissa said in court they put the hay up to show people how much hay they had! How Einsteiny is this? Put up hay after all your horses have been removed, but you didn't put up hay when they were there, needing it for survival. I'm sure that must have made quite an impression on everyone.
Gilbert wrote on his web site, "Frilelibergers rant on land, gosh they want it bad". Now why would a person write this that has no idea of any of the facts about this whole situation? If we really wanted it that bad, we would have purchased it from Koopers in the first place!
When Gilbert rambled on about the fact that Don and Vickie Freilberger had pictures of no grass on that place, he made a remark that there was no confirmation of when the pictures were taken, or that they were even taken of the 3 Strikes Land; one thing he forgets, the Deputy Sheriff was on that land and saw for himself the condition of it - the Dep. Sheriff was there because Jason Meduna called him.
I question the integrity of a person that can spew so many recklace lies from his mouth and in print. I imagine he truly did jump on the Meduna band wagon; for his own gain. Whatever that might be. To me, he just buried himself. But I'm finding that some people don't always care about who they hurt, or who they can take down.... as long as they think they are coming out ahead.
Gilbert Ray Field said the moral was for the Freibergers that the grass ain't always greener...etc. So learn to be a good neighbor, not snoops or noisy bodies. (I'm sure he meant nosey bodies, but he spelled it as noisy. Heck, maybe he meant noisy, I never could figure out exactly where he was coming from with his statements....)
Oh yes, on the lighter side.... Gil posted to the world that there would be an estimate of 2 million pounds of hay that would be baled. Now the guys did get a good laugh out of that one! I guess in Texas you put up your hay by the pound? Wow. (I know, that's not to slam my Texas friends that know what they're talking about.) The two guys that put up the hay were Jeremy and Shawn. The bales averaged 1100 lb. each - there were 155 bales left at Meduna's - they too the rest. There was a total of about 310 bales of hay put up, that makes 341,000 pounds, or 170.5 Ton - a far cry from 2 million pounds.
And then of course, he said we should get a real life.
We have a real life. We take care of our animals. All of them, whether it's cattle, horses, dogs, or cats. We believe in God, in Jesus, and we try to live by the standards set forth in the Bible. We are not perfect, no one is. My husband has been on this land his entire life (except for a couple years gone for college) - he is 4th generation here. My sons are 5th generation. We have a life.
Tomorrow we celebrate Independance Day. With this, come my freedom and right to say what I did here. Gilbert also has rights to voice whatever. It is just sad that he doesn't care whom he hurts, he doesn't care about our reputation; he tried to bash our name in country where we sometimes sell cattle. Was that the intent?
I have noticed many well-known people on his web site: Congressman Chet Edwards; Wayne Pacelle - it states he's President of HSUS (what is strange about this, is how much he was bashing HSUS on the radio station!); Chuck Norris; Congressman Chris Bell; John Cotton; Brad Bradford, Houston's City Counsilman; Gene Norman; then he posts the names of people like Brooke Shields, Sugar Ray Leonard, Nolan Ryan, Kelly McGillis, Sparky Lyle, Kris Kristofferson, Michael Knight, Roger Clements, and on...
I guess these people know a different Gilbert Field. I have personally never met this man, although I have emailed him to ask him to stop putting the lies on his web site. They are of course, gone. As soon as the Meduna trial started, he removed what I've talked about. But there are copies of it all over.
Is this what we have become as citizens of this country? Anything to get ahead, anything to promote yourself for your own gain? NO matter who you hurt in doing so? To each his own right? I'm glad I live where I live. I'm thankful I don't have to go to bed at night feeling guilty for any wrong I've done people. I am thankful for so many people that have spent their lives truly trying to help the horses. I'm thankful I've gotten to know them. Some I've met, some by phone, and some just by emailing, etc.
There's always a bad apple in the bunch, thank heavens there's more good!
Have a safe and happy 4th of July.
Vicki Freiberger

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's time to start speaking out...

I don't know if 'bloggers' go in and practically rewrite their blog, but I am making some corrections, taking some bitterness out (I can let words get somewhat harsh) and getting back to my normal thinking.

It's too bad there are people who desire to bash people they know nothing about. In reality, I'm sure I've done the same thing, many times. The language in this blog is not my usual posting, but the words of spite and negativity are not mine. Once again, when confronted with, 'how long am I going to keep this up?' - and, I should 'just let it go'..... I might not completely let it go; but I realize (thanks to friends, especially my friend that's been thru this with me from the beginning; encouraging, understanding, and mostly; helping me to keep on the right path - thanks Brit) that I need to keep my character in check.

Turn the other cheek. I still like the story where Jesus went in and tore the temple apart, upturning tables, etc. I guess there is a time and a place for everything. I wanted to confront, (well - how can one confront someone who calls themselves anonymous?) so I'll still tell my side. Here is what was written on a blog I found while google searching 3 Strikes stuff:


Anonymous said...
mustangtruth/vicki freiberger/satans little helper is back!What a psychotic nutbag!You don't and didn't give 2 sh*ts about the 3 strikes horses.All your broke a*s cared about was trying to steal someone elses land and life by the foulest means possible.How lovely for the Meduna family that they were able to move away from your stalking, stealing, horse killing a*s!Do the fine people of the ABR actually buy into this nutters game?Hope you rot bi**h! You and your boys!
December 3, 2009 11:13 PM


Wow! That one surprised me! No, it wasn't bustedupcowgirl that wrote that, she actually defended me on her blog. And I thank her for that. I can't even begin to describe how I felt when I first saw that post from anonymous. But you guys are right, when I let it get to me, they won. Probably what did me in was talking about Justin and Josh in the way she did. But that also makes sense, when someone's going to attack, they are going to attack what means the most. I thank God I have good sons. Their thoughts on this person? ....just like yours...."She's not worth it, Mom."

I am here, because I desire a chance to speak up for myself against people that slander and lie about our character and what we believe in. Even if it is just on my blog. ***Let me rephrase: it was brought to my attention that people like this probably don't have happiness in their life. I should have more feelings of pity for them than of anger. I am usually a pretty compassionate person, and usually my first reaction would be one of 'wow, this person is empty'. So I read over my blog several times, each time the conviction hit me harder and harder.

My answer to your comments: yes, I gave more than 2 poops about the 3 Strikes horses. Seeing the survivors touches my heart greatly. What anonymous needs to remember, I...nor my family did anything bad to those horses. Meduna did it himself. Had they been healthy; none of this would have happened. Anonymous mentioned the word STALKING; I imagine you got that from Meduna. For instance; the day the Dep. Sheriff came to deliver my notice for the harassment hearing, we were in our meadow looking at a cow. We had cattle next to Meduna in the pasture to the west; I had just driven along the fence line on my 4-wheeler to make sure staples were not out, etc. The Dep. Sheriff had to stop at Jason's first and talk to him before delivering my hearing notice. Jason told the Dep. Sheriff, "She was just driving back and forth by the fence again a little while ago, STALKING us." Well first of all, .....If YOU had cattle beside Jason Meduna, wouldn't YOU regularly check your fences? That seems to be a no-brainer to me!

I'm trying to figure out the 'steal someone else's land by the foulest means possible'. Jason told people I hated horses, especially mustangs, and that's why I wanted them gone. What he didn't tell people is how I went over to the place and filmed the first load of mustangs being unloaded from the semi onto his property, as a favor to Lucille; the previous owner. He didn't tell you how he used to stop me when I was in the hay field on my tractor, and I would stop and go over and visit with him. (That gives me the willies now). That was the first summer he was there. He stopped me and said, "I see that you guys are haying this meadow, so I figure it must be time to hay mine since they're connected and beside yours." I am not kidding, that's what he said. He started haying it, but broke down and never got his equipment fixed. That was the end of his haying, until he hired it put up AFTER the horses were gone.

You call ME a horse killer? Our horses are doing pretty good. Maybe since you wrote that back in December, you now feel embarrassed; but that still does not justify what you said about me or my family. Like I've said before, this neighborhood, including our family; were very welcoming to the Meduna's. It was Jason that would not reach out for help. We offered.


Anonymous said...
BUC you should do your research. You really should.Talk about drinking the kook-aid!I agree with Marilyn.Wishing that your life may be filled with good things.But you have VF and her boys all wrong on this one.Facts don't lie."The land is under new ownership. If the Freiberger's wanted the land, they would have bought it...dontcha think moron?"If they had the money. Which they don't.One of the first rules of responsible reporting is to confine yourself to proveable facts.And this loser believes in the truth first and foremost.I have no difficulty wishing animal killers to rot in hell.No problem at all.
December 4, 2009 10:15 AM


So now she calls us animal killers, and we should 'rot in hell'?
Ok, we've killed some animals, that is true. They were suffering and we had done everything we could for them; so we humanely put them out of their misery.
And the money thing, I'm pretty sure this anonymous person isn't our banker, so how do they know our money situation? I'll add this about the money; who cares.

Rot in hell, huh? I still have a problem with this statement you made, anonymous. Let me tell you why, not so much is it a problem for me, because I know where I'm going when I die; I won't be rotting in hell. It's for those that aren't sure of where they're going...but that is a whole other subject.


(Dena's comment)...
Well, this has taken an interesting turn.BUC I have to agree with anonymous that facts are important.Necessary actually. Especially when in reference to a situation like this.Finding out whether or not V. Freiberger or family made offer or attempt to purchase the land isn't that hard.And the answer is, yes.Now does having done my research make me a nutter too?Or, does it just mean that there is a lot more to this story than has been presented?I have no dog in this fight BUC.I just want the truth.
December 4, 2009 10:34 AM


(By the way, Dena; I apologize for putting on here about your problems. If this was you, I guess I shouldn't judge do I know the circumstances for what you did or did not do? If you were wronged, hopefully you can rise above the situation; if you did what was public news - hopefully you've changed your life around and that is all completely behind you.)

So now we have Dena, and anonymous. At least Dena had the courage to put her name when she questioned about the Freibergers.

Big thing isn't it? The Freibergers put a bid on the land. What is this world coming to?


(Dena's comment)...
Okay now I am laughing. And I agree that simply making an offer isn't indicative of nefarious intent.

That said, what if you are stretched to the limit and the bank says No Way Honey?

Vic's reply: Forget what ever I said about the bank, the money we have or have not. Who cares? If you all choose to ponder about it, guess it gives you something to think about. Remember; money is the root of all evil. I'm thinking though it's the root of all evil if you make it your god.

(Dena's comment): And what if you know something about the value of the property that not everyone else does?
And what if there is strong evidence that you deliberately worked to drive down the price of said property?

Vic's reply: WE deliberately worked to drive down the price of the property? I'd say Meduna worked pretty hard on that. We were not ever on the property. We didn't rape it of it's grasses. We didn't leave bones scattered all over.

(Dena's comment): Acted in all sorts of manners to make the property seem extremely undesirable?
Like I said, I have no dog in this fight.But in being objective doesn't some of it at the very least come across as a little stalkeresque?
I read all of her posts from the beginning and they just seemed blatantly manipulative to me.
I helped place some of those Mustangs BUC. My primary concern was and is their welfare.
And many of their symptoms did jive with rumensin poisoning.
Hair loss for instance from malnutrition usually isn't evidenced until much as in almost all of the body fat has been absorbed.
And one other nagging feature for me is this.Do I know the parties involved?
No.But Mr. Reynolds has devoted much of his life to preserving the Sorraia Mustangs. Something like 210 left?
Not sure of the number.But why would this man trust Jason Meduna with what appears to be his lifes work?
And why did everyone involved grossly exaggerate the number of dead?

To be honest Vicki Freiberger reminds me a great deal of another California nut before her fall from grace. The great STFU.There has been so much shoddy work by the supposed authorities in this it reminds me of the O.J debacle.
And I am not willing to throw Marilyn under the bus because she is adament in her defense of the Meduna family.
She took the time to go there. She also took the time to go and see Rayu.And we all know how I feel about poor Rayu. That horse has been lost and found more times than a set of keys.Honestly BUC I just don't know.
People lie.
People do horrible things to each other every day.
I just know that when it comes to credible information I am not willing to eat the candy at ABR.I want facts.
Because that is where the truth will unfold and reveal itself.
And I do not want to be guilty of convicting ANY innocent party.
I don't disagree with what you said about the background check.
But I know from personal experience that not everything put in print is the gospel.
And here is what keeps running through my mind. What if? Just what if the man is not guilty?

December 4, 2009 11:14 PM


So many comments. For what it's worth; Dena you have the right to think anything you want about the Freibergers. You are wrong in your assumptions, but anything I say will not change your mind. The people that are our friends, and actually seeked the real truth in this whole ordeal don't have those questions - their main question is 'what would possess a person to do this to innocent animals?' I visited with Mr. Reynolds all afternoon on his court day. We had an interesting conversation. People just speculate and don't know the truth about many things. A lot because they don't want to know the truth.
The number of dead was actually probably understated. We have since then found more skeletons that what were accounted for on the property. It would be interesting to gather all of the skulls, and get a count. But the coyotes have probably drug many of the smaller ones off.

The realtor called us before the property was listed. He said he always does that to surrounding neighbors when it's in the country like this. I asked him if he had any bids on it (I knew of 2 people that had placed a bid with him) - he said he could not tell me the bid amount, unless we placed a bid ourselves. I did not at the time, because I told him we knew it was going to go for more than what we would pay. I did not place a bid until the morning I was leaving for my harrassment hearing in Bridgeport. We were simply curious as to what the land was up to, so I called and gave him an amount. We both chuckled.


I took this from a blog and posted it because these people are telling lies about me, and it is my right to speak up and defend myself, and my family. Accusations were being posted all over the place about what we did or didn't do. This is the first of many. I realize lies will always be told about us. That is life. The people that count know the truth. That is good.


What I did, was saw horses and land in trouble. Nothing more. If you say you love horses, and accuse me of doing something wrong as far as those horses go; then it is my opinion, that you don't really have a horse's best interest at heart. How can you?


If by chance, these 2 people realize after all of this time, and all the facts are out; that perhaps they were wrong...let this be a reminder that you should be careful of what you write about someone; before you know the facts.


And as far as 'anonymous' goes; you say my sons and I can rot in hell. You call me satan's little helper. I don't think you understand the judgement you have just put upon your head. Yes, you might have gotten my dander up for a short time. But that too has passed. I am just thankful that I have a life, a good husband, good kids and their families, good parents, and a bunch of wonderful friends. To have thoughts as you do, I feel sorry for your emptiness. Hopefully by now, if you even read this; your opinions have changed, your heart has softened, and the world seems a better place.

Friday, April 23, 2010


The Anniversary of
the Death of 3 Strikes Ranch
.....there is a lot of discussion happening
about what should the actual date be
which would mark the anniversary of the
saving of the horses that remained
in the hands of Jason Meduna,
or you could call it the
end of 3 Strikes Mustang Ranch.
It would seem natural that the date would be when
the last surviving horse was removed from the hell hole
that engulfed so many others; a final count that will
never be known for sure as to how many perished.
We will never know how many innocent babies died,
out in those sand dunes of Nebraska.
The land so abused, as abused as the horses;
in the care of Meduna and his wife.
For myself, the first anniversary was March 6 of 2010.
I started taking pictures long before that day of March 6, 2009,
but it was that Friday afternoon that he walked
out of the trailer, and noticed me on my 4-wheeler.
It was Friday, March 6, that he saw me taking pictures.
It was that afternoon:
he knew that I knew.

This picture was taken Saturday, April 10, 2010

It is already different from when I first saw it earlier. My mom stands in the background. That day Mom, Dad, and I went to the bone pile. They had never seen it; in person. As we crested the hill and the bones were in their view for the first time, there was a little gasp. My dad said, "That's not right." My mom said, "Oh my God." It is hard to imagine someone just dragging a bunch of horses to a pile and leaving them to rot. It's hard to imagine until you stand at the pile, and those bones become bodies of helpless, loving and innocent horses. Horses of all ages. A baby laying by it's mom in bones over the hill. A sight that those who were out there could have seen, if they just could have been allowed off the trail, because the trail was so close. Many would have driven right by this pile....they did not hear the cries of the horses. They did not listen. They listened to Jason. Now, people are listening. The horses and burros will always be remembered. Time will go on, more horses will have unimaginable endings somewhere else, but some horses will be saved.... By loving, unselfish people who do what they do, because they are called? or because they just know they are needed. So in their compassion they reach out and give all they can to help. They do this time and time again. The strength they have is something I cannot imagine; but it is something I could only hope to be blessed with. Thank you Mom and Dad for all you helped me with during this whole entire ordeal. And thank all the people who had anything to do with the saving of these wonderful animals. You can find more information about the survivors on various sites. Start with the NE200:

One of my favorite songs, "Bless the Beasts and the Children"...I think I'll go sit down at my piano now. I haven't played this in ages. I imagine I'll have a whole new perspective on the song.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breaking In.....Our own house.....

Give me a home

where the cows do roam,

Where the deer and the antelope

eat our trees.

Where seldom is heard,

a discouraging word

(who were these people?)

And we have way too many

50 mile per hour days' breeze.

Home, home on the ranch,

where we shouldn't have to lock the house tight-

But there's someone near by,

We don't see eye to eye,

So our home gets locked up at night.

Thank heavens, the ending of that song does not apply here anymore.


Now we are back to pretty much normal around here, not that I should advertise that our house is sometimes unlocked (and it's probably not advisable to take a chance and see if it is locked or not, in the middle of the night, as we have become accustomed to keeping ourselves prepared) but life is back to not getting up in the middle of the night to look out windows and see if there are any 'prowlers'. But speaking of locking doors.......


Starting about this time, last year: we did lock our windows, our screens, our sliders, and our doors, garage doors included. Many times in the morning, I wouldn't get the south door of our house unlocked, and you know how you think a door's going to open when you put your body into it? I don't know how many times I greeted Justin or Josh with a, 'Ooops, forgot to unlock it.' I all but forced them to lock their doors; they did during crucial times (when a neighbor returned from jail, or when horses were removed from a neighbor's - times like that especially, we were all 'buttoned up' pretty tight.)


I remember it well, one morning last April in 2009- Don was already outside. Calving time gets us out the door pretty early. I was zipping around, gathering the garbage to take outside. Just as Don was walking up to the porch, I stepped out with my trash bag, slamming the door behind me.......


"Oh no", was all I said, at first.

Don looked at me with that puzzled look of why I would say 'oh no', until slowly, the realization of what I must mean soaked in. "You didn't", I think was all he said- at first.

"Hold on, we'll get in." Yes, that was me, in my totally optimistic voice.

So, around the back to the slider. Locked. Windows, all wonderfully and securely, locked. Garage doors, locked.

"Wait!" I exclaimed, "I was washing the upstairs windows....(the ones above the kitchen) ..... maybe I didn't put.... no.....the screen's back on."

Don, "Did you lock the windows up there?"

Me, "Of course."

Don, "Why do you lock the windows on the 2nd story?"

Me, "Are you kidding? I lock everything."

Don, "Of course. I thought you put a key to the door outside somewhere?"

Me, sort of sheepishly, "I did."

"Where is it?"

"In the house."

"Of course."


"Oh my gosh wait!...I just remembered I had the garden hose out the garage window to fill the horse tank! I don't think I locked it." (I was hoping I was right)


What do you know, I hadn't even put the screen on either. Eeeks, glad we were all OK. So at least we could get into our house, without breaking a window...


(The accessible window was the one by the grill.)

I was just so pleased. Don was still grumbling because I was locking everything...because of our circumstances. We had been through enough that 'the neighbor thing' was starting to get on everyone's nerves over here. Then because of that, I had locked ourselves out of our house.


Now the big problem, how to get in. We stood pondering for a few seconds with thoughts of, "I don't believe this" and "I hope no one drives up". (Actually, I sort of wish I had my camera with me). - Our first consideration was who would go thru the window. Considering the fact that I am 5'1" and Don is 5' 10"....BUT..... the bottom of the window was at 55". That means I am only 6" taller than the area I had to start from. Don was already half way up there. Yet, I, so bravely volunteered, "I'll climb through, I'm the one that locked the door." Don so generously reminded me, "Now how are you going to get down on the other side, once you get up there?" "I'll just slide, or fall," I said.

Then, of course, he had to remind me that I don't fall too gracefully. But it wasn't a 'fall'... when Justin was about 3 years old, I got BUCKED off a horse we were trying out and broke both my wrists. Yes, both at the same time. Yes, you should pity my mom. I stayed in town with her so she could help me. Oh, my poor mom. Anyway....

So Don had to remind me that I would probably kill myself taking a dive into the garage from the window. Fine. Next problem: the opening was 16" tall, by 21" wide. And this 5'10" man was going to maneuver his body into the 55" tall, 16" x 21" opening. This is the part where I wish I had my camera! He said to 'give him a lift'. Here's the part where I started giggling. I clasped my hands together, he put a foot in, and I cracked up. He was struggling to get up without kicking me, I was pushing everywhere.

"Quit laughing."

"I can't help it. What if Josh or Josie look out their window and see you trying to get in the window?" This was about the time I was pushing up on his behind, then he made it to the base of the window. Now it was a matter of getting his legs in through the opening. One leg went in, then the other was almost..... but not quite..... "Push my foot through." Another crack up. "Stop laughing and push my foot through." "You should see yourself." So I pushed his foot through, it didn't want to go too easily, it was sort of wedged in. Now his head and shoulder and one leg were in. "I'm sorry I'm laughing, but you would too if you could see yourself." "You know we could go get a ladder, but that would be like a guy thing asking for directions, huh?" Luckily I didn't have anything sharp along the wall when he got in. I did say, "be careful." I thought that was nice of me.

I'm sure it's much funnier to me, it's one of those, 'you just had to be there' things. But it still makes me laugh. Don would just say something like, "yea, you laugh now." That makes me crack up more.

So, through bad times, there is usually something to make us smile. But dang it, I wish I would have had my camera. I do have keys to the doors, I think they're still in the kitchen. I didn't think it wise to ask him to re-enact it for photo op purposes. I'll just have my memories.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Left Behind.....

Caution: a bad word at the end... (forgive me, but I didn't write it, it's just a picture)

Left behind....

Many questions have been asked about the whole 3 Strikes ordeal. Mainly, 'what kind of person does this to so many animals?' We certainly don't have the answers, not many people do. I wonder what kind of person does this - continually? Mudna stated often in emails, 'this wasn't his first rodeo' (in talking about dealing with Vicki Freiberger to his former supporters). Seriously. I have the emails-written by Mudna, and by some others: about the Freibergers. Blows me away. It's probably what I've read in the emails, and what I had read throughout on the forums; that keep me hungry to tell the truth - or just tell. Hungry- granted; it's more like throwing cups of gas on a burning fire; every once and awhile - there's a burst of flame.
As I sit and ponder what pictures I should, or shouldn't include; the many thoughts circle in my mind of the lies they've told; some just purely stupid, and some a little more on the vicious side. Mudna told different people that my husband forced his dad and mom to move to town, and that he hated his dad. Now Mudna followers: do you think after living 30 years in the same yard, going up to your mom's house (my mother-in-law) for coffee nearly every morning (that's why we called it 'The Coffee Shop' - even our good neighbors new that) and we remodeled my mother-in-law's home - and this has been her family's heritage since she was born - and my husband is 4th generation (which I've probably mentioned) and our 2 sons are 5th generation to continue in this family ranch surroundings - take a breath Vic - and the decision was totally theirs to move in to town. But for Jason to say otherwise, when he didn't know squat.... and to be believed?!!! Yikes. I realize it was his way to get people to believe his lies of how bad we were because......
Or... how about the story that Don (my husband) got in a fight with Don (my dad) and kicked him off of the ranch! (Here's another, 'if you don't believe me; call any one of our neighbors'.) Mudna invented lies that I can't even figure out how it would have been a thought process in ones' mind, to even think of the lie to begin with. I could put a huge photo album of pics of my dad coming out here to help us. He loves to come out and help, and we love having him out here. So there's some fuel on the fire.

It's like a friend of ours, Pastor Jim, said to Don many, many years ago: "Don, Vic is like a mamma grizzly bear. You stay clear of her, you'll probably be alright; but mess with one of her cubs, she'll tear you up." Now really, I don't write that to sound all 'your mamma - tough stuff'; or to portray that I think I'm tough- but it is how I feel. I might go down swinging, but at least I'll be swinging. I'm really a nice, mild-mannered person!

The following is some of what was left behind. Someone told me they saw a moving van in the night. I guess they didn't want to be noticed.

Must have dreamed of being a 'cowboy'.

A cowboy who had saddles on fences, even one on top of the garage.

Of course when I saw this, I thought,
"Dang, that's kinda cool..why would he leave that?"

What ever.

This is hanging on the wall. Someone made it.
Seems a shame to leave it behind.

Guess since they bought land in Wyoming,
they'll be able to get a new license plate.

There's a lot I wanted to write, but-

This is my favorite 'left behind' thing.
It is a wonderful 16 x 24 photograph by Pam Nickoles.
The 'joke' if you want to call it that; between Dan and I:
"Oh good, at least you saved the picture,
who cares about the basement!"
Explanation: when I was going over every day feeding the birds, and checking on the house and trailer (remember how terribly cold it was?) - everything was fine. I removed the photograph so no one could come in and take it, or destroy it. (I'm safe-keeping it for the Greens). I always said "Wow, made it through another cold spell." after I would check all the rooms in the house and trailer for leaks, etc.
Nobody told me pipes break when it warms up!!!!!
Luckily they were there that weekend.
That would be the same Friday of the last day of Meduna's trial. I did make it home in time that evening to talk them into coming over for supper, (Dan didn't want to impose) so we could discuss my saving of the photo! If it would have been warmer, we could have went for a swim in their basement after our meal settled.

And sadly, as everyone knows.....

left behind are the many, many animals - who perished.
Last, but not least:
this was in his pickup when the kids were cleaning up the big stuff.
It's probably their favorite find...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cleaning Up

Mr. and Mrs. Green....
at last some good neighbors at the
former 3 Strikes Ranch.
Someone to once again, do justice to
Glen and Lucille Kooper's ranch.


The Freibergers are helping the Greens do some clean up work. Mainly going around and removing the big stuff from the land. Justin and Josh were over cleaning up some stuff a while back, and sent me out on the 4-wheeler to locate more 'big stuff' that they could haul off. This was the first time I've been on the south and west a little of X-Mudna's. This is what I found.....

Brit, this is for you. Thought you'd like to see it.
This belonged to the Koopers. Used during haying.

A nifty little bone pile Jason made.

Jason had several of these wooden works
of art around the land.

Just think, another one of those,
"if he'd only spent that much time
taking care of the horses."

For those who think his problems
had just started in 2009.
Think again.
These bones are a little too white
to be that fresh.

Will we ever stop finding bones?

As I drove up to the lake, I found this.
My heart just sank.

Frozen in the water, left as a symbol.
No horse was safe here.
And no, this was not the lake they claimed
was poisoned, or was green.

It was simply a horse,

unable to continue on with life.

The weather is good now.

Snow is expected this weekend.

I hope to get to the large bone pile before the ground is covered once again.

I don't know what Jason thinks of as he sits in his cell. I don't know if Anissa will ever come to the reality of just what happened here. I still find it hard to believe that there are people who think Jason and Anissa did no wrong. I know there are many, many people that have visions of what was seen here. I was not at the scene when they were removing the horses. I was not on the scene, when they watched the black mare, who had dug a halo around herself, finally die; or to watch horses that could not stand up; watch new borns that could not survive. Those people, I feel for.

Those people will not forget the images burned in their mind.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mudna's Ranch Tour ...

Once all the problems came to light at 3 Strikes,

many of the lies told there - were exposed.

I was recently given the question,

"How long will you write about this person?"

There is something in me that desires

to expose each and every one

of the lies Jason and Anissa

have spewed from their mouths.

And yes, maybe somewhat of a desire

to make known our side of the story.

In every aspect.


That being the case,

I think it might be that I

should not live as long as needed;

naturally or otherwise.


The ranch was called '3 Strikes Mustang Outpost'

according to the sign shown above,

which was erected at the entrance

of the 3 Strikes Ranch.


During the onset of the

'horrible neighbors poisoning horses'

there became a great debate

(it was a great debate to me,

because I began reading on certain

Internet 'horse' forums... all the lies that were being

relayed by Jason and Anissa, about us)

The great debate was that so many

were insistent that I was just trying

to cause problems for poor Jason.


He allowed a few people on to the ranch,

and when they had the privilege

of touring the ranch - he took them;

and that tour consisted of

seeing what he wanted them to see.

They saw only what he allowed them to see.


No, I take that back....

had they truly opened their minds and eyes,

they too would have seen the truth.

But they CHOSE to believe the lie.


I have been on the path that their tour guide traveled.

The amazing thing, if those people

would have just ventured over the hill along the way,

anywhere along the way....

they would have discovered the bones also.

But I doubt 'venturing over the hill'

was part of the tour agenda.


In reality, it would have been fruitless.

I contacted a few people and tried

to get them to 'see the light' - or at

the very least, to keep an open mind and

ask some specific questions that should have

naturally sparked some doubt in ones' mind.


I must admit, looking back at that whole mess,

I have to chuckle at myself as to

just how naive and gullible I am,

thinking I could make people realize the truth,

when they really didn't want to know the truth,

and some of them still have that brain fizz to this day.



In the above picture, the lake and foreground belong to our good neighbors, the Gilroys. The land on the other side of the lake, and hills in the far background belonged to Meduna. The fence line came quite close to the lake. This picture was taken July 2, 2009. Keep in mind, Jason said himself that the horses were removed from this area in February of 2009 (safety reasons he claimed, so he could keep a careful eye on them, and protect them against 'the neighbors'). Consequently, no animals (besides coyotes looking for easy feed) .... I should say; no horses were on that ground for approximately 5 months, and then they were removed to the Bridgeport fair grounds.



A little closer view, the 'trail' road shows in the center of the picture. They must have merrily driven along, looking at the scenery (?), popped up over the hill and there was the beautiful lake and delightful little cabin across the way. Doesn't that just make you all tingly and your heart skip a beat?



This is a building on Gilroys' property that the following statements are about. It is almost directly across from where Meduna's tour guide road comes out on the opposite side of the lake. Fancy that. I later found out that besides Jason claiming we had Rayu in a barn, he also was suggesting that Gilroys had Rayu hidden in this 'building'. I think it was told that we were taking Rayu back and forth between our 'hiding places'. He (Mudna) even had people planted in various places, taking pictures the day the Sheriff came out to question our family and Gilroys, and search for the stolen Rayu. (Isn't FALSE REPORTING a crime?) But more about Rayu later....


Before you view the next pictures, keep in mind they had binoculars and high powered lens on about not letting your mind think for itself!!!! (Granted, some people know they were manipulated, deceived, and lied to; that's not who I'm talking about in this blog because they're now the smart ones). It's the ones that see all the evidence, and still believe everything he says.



The following is from a Jason follower....and I do mean follower, that emailed me about stuff I was putting on the board-that I should take it off to not hurt the case. And I shouldn't say anything about Mudna. The paragraph is in my words-so as not to copy her email (but I have it)..... Little had I known when we were emailing back and forth, that she was on Mudna's team the whole time! I remember why we were writing back and forth about it; she had it posted with other 3 Strikes pictures- and I was asking her if she knew that was not Jason's property........


There is a picture of a beautiful, serene appears to be a building nestled in some trees with a beautiful lake in front. (Anissa told her that the land belongs to the Gilroys and the picture was taken from Jason's side of the fence.) She thought it looked like such a beautiful and peaceful area that she wanted a picture of it. She said if she owned that property, she would fix up the building (if it needed it) and picnic on it every weekend. Also she would bring friends there to enjoy the place. She would also let guests stay there. She mentioned what a picture postcard perfect place it was, and that Mr. Gilroy was very lucky to own it.



(I do realize, it might have all just been a joke what she said, to somehow get even with me for trying to alert the human species what was going on at 3 Strikes Ranch.)

Now I doubt anybody will be staying here....even fixed up.

Especially Rayu!

And so it goes without people can be so swayed to believe anything......if they want to. It is a dangerous thing, one wonders how much money a person can con others out of? It is pride that keeps a person from letting all the facts and the evidence in? Or just sheer desire for something else in life. Who knows.


In a very short time...

after all the horses were gone;

it went from...

3 Strikes Ranch Mustang Outpost


The Brands Ranch...


The Beef State

The one thing I can't help but wonder....

If he had put as much time in the horses

as he did his signs, erecting giant posts, and

hanging skulls over his fences.....

how much better would the horses have been?