Sunday, March 21, 2010

Left Behind.....

Caution: a bad word at the end... (forgive me, but I didn't write it, it's just a picture)

Left behind....

Many questions have been asked about the whole 3 Strikes ordeal. Mainly, 'what kind of person does this to so many animals?' We certainly don't have the answers, not many people do. I wonder what kind of person does this - continually? Mudna stated often in emails, 'this wasn't his first rodeo' (in talking about dealing with Vicki Freiberger to his former supporters). Seriously. I have the emails-written by Mudna, and by some others: about the Freibergers. Blows me away. It's probably what I've read in the emails, and what I had read throughout on the forums; that keep me hungry to tell the truth - or just tell. Hungry- granted; it's more like throwing cups of gas on a burning fire; every once and awhile - there's a burst of flame.
As I sit and ponder what pictures I should, or shouldn't include; the many thoughts circle in my mind of the lies they've told; some just purely stupid, and some a little more on the vicious side. Mudna told different people that my husband forced his dad and mom to move to town, and that he hated his dad. Now Mudna followers: do you think after living 30 years in the same yard, going up to your mom's house (my mother-in-law) for coffee nearly every morning (that's why we called it 'The Coffee Shop' - even our good neighbors new that) and we remodeled my mother-in-law's home - and this has been her family's heritage since she was born - and my husband is 4th generation (which I've probably mentioned) and our 2 sons are 5th generation to continue in this family ranch surroundings - take a breath Vic - and the decision was totally theirs to move in to town. But for Jason to say otherwise, when he didn't know squat.... and to be believed?!!! Yikes. I realize it was his way to get people to believe his lies of how bad we were because......
Or... how about the story that Don (my husband) got in a fight with Don (my dad) and kicked him off of the ranch! (Here's another, 'if you don't believe me; call any one of our neighbors'.) Mudna invented lies that I can't even figure out how it would have been a thought process in ones' mind, to even think of the lie to begin with. I could put a huge photo album of pics of my dad coming out here to help us. He loves to come out and help, and we love having him out here. So there's some fuel on the fire.

It's like a friend of ours, Pastor Jim, said to Don many, many years ago: "Don, Vic is like a mamma grizzly bear. You stay clear of her, you'll probably be alright; but mess with one of her cubs, she'll tear you up." Now really, I don't write that to sound all 'your mamma - tough stuff'; or to portray that I think I'm tough- but it is how I feel. I might go down swinging, but at least I'll be swinging. I'm really a nice, mild-mannered person!

The following is some of what was left behind. Someone told me they saw a moving van in the night. I guess they didn't want to be noticed.

Must have dreamed of being a 'cowboy'.

A cowboy who had saddles on fences, even one on top of the garage.

Of course when I saw this, I thought,
"Dang, that's kinda cool..why would he leave that?"

What ever.

This is hanging on the wall. Someone made it.
Seems a shame to leave it behind.

Guess since they bought land in Wyoming,
they'll be able to get a new license plate.

There's a lot I wanted to write, but-

This is my favorite 'left behind' thing.
It is a wonderful 16 x 24 photograph by Pam Nickoles.
The 'joke' if you want to call it that; between Dan and I:
"Oh good, at least you saved the picture,
who cares about the basement!"
Explanation: when I was going over every day feeding the birds, and checking on the house and trailer (remember how terribly cold it was?) - everything was fine. I removed the photograph so no one could come in and take it, or destroy it. (I'm safe-keeping it for the Greens). I always said "Wow, made it through another cold spell." after I would check all the rooms in the house and trailer for leaks, etc.
Nobody told me pipes break when it warms up!!!!!
Luckily they were there that weekend.
That would be the same Friday of the last day of Meduna's trial. I did make it home in time that evening to talk them into coming over for supper, (Dan didn't want to impose) so we could discuss my saving of the photo! If it would have been warmer, we could have went for a swim in their basement after our meal settled.

And sadly, as everyone knows.....

left behind are the many, many animals - who perished.
Last, but not least:
this was in his pickup when the kids were cleaning up the big stuff.
It's probably their favorite find...

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  1. Vicky,
    Just wanted to comment in case you thought these were going unread.... Please keep writing. It's important for those that don't know, for those that don't care, for those that understand, for the horses, and even for yourself. It must have been difficult to bite your tongue and ignore the pathological lies this man spewed.
    You know character is what you do when no one is watching.
    It's pretty clear what this man was up to in that instance and what he pretended to be when he thought he had an audience.

    When all is said and done... know this.

    You are a good person.

    And what you are, what you stand for, is real, not some concocted fantasy.
    I'd bet that was what burned JM's rear end the most; that you and yours had more character, class, and grace than he was capable of in real life or in his dreams.
    Wishing you and your family all the best. Thank you.