Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cleaning Up

Mr. and Mrs. Green....
at last some good neighbors at the
former 3 Strikes Ranch.
Someone to once again, do justice to
Glen and Lucille Kooper's ranch.


The Freibergers are helping the Greens do some clean up work. Mainly going around and removing the big stuff from the land. Justin and Josh were over cleaning up some stuff a while back, and sent me out on the 4-wheeler to locate more 'big stuff' that they could haul off. This was the first time I've been on the south and west a little of X-Mudna's. This is what I found.....

Brit, this is for you. Thought you'd like to see it.
This belonged to the Koopers. Used during haying.

A nifty little bone pile Jason made.

Jason had several of these wooden works
of art around the land.

Just think, another one of those,
"if he'd only spent that much time
taking care of the horses."

For those who think his problems
had just started in 2009.
Think again.
These bones are a little too white
to be that fresh.

Will we ever stop finding bones?

As I drove up to the lake, I found this.
My heart just sank.

Frozen in the water, left as a symbol.
No horse was safe here.
And no, this was not the lake they claimed
was poisoned, or was green.

It was simply a horse,

unable to continue on with life.

The weather is good now.

Snow is expected this weekend.

I hope to get to the large bone pile before the ground is covered once again.

I don't know what Jason thinks of as he sits in his cell. I don't know if Anissa will ever come to the reality of just what happened here. I still find it hard to believe that there are people who think Jason and Anissa did no wrong. I know there are many, many people that have visions of what was seen here. I was not at the scene when they were removing the horses. I was not on the scene, when they watched the black mare, who had dug a halo around herself, finally die; or to watch horses that could not stand up; watch new borns that could not survive. Those people, I feel for.

Those people will not forget the images burned in their mind.

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