Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obstacle Course Training

Welcome to 3 Strike-Out

Obstacle Course

Horse Endurance Club

A picture perfect post card.
The perfect place for your horse...
(I wonder if the horses
Jason Meduna acquired -
after the rescue and removal
of the 'Nebraska 200'-
ever sensed the death of
those left behind?)
The Obstacle Course?
Here's the 3-Strikes-Your-Out
Sign-Up Requirements
Strike 1: (self-explanatory)

Strike 2: Arrive healthy,

preferably with good

eye sight and agility.

Strike 3: Do not run around

and play after dark.

It could be

hazzardous to your health.

I joke about the obstacle course here, but it was really no laughing matter. How many times did Ray Field, or Jim Lambley brag about Jason Meduna? Mr. Lambley fully supported Meduna throughout the trial. Lambley said he has been to 3-Strikes Ranch. I wonder if he covered the whole thing? This is the stuff left behind by Meduna, in the very pasture these horses are in.

Directly after entering the former 3 Strikes Ranch, right over the hill - where no one sees; scattered throughout the low spots in the area - are windmill parts, tires, wood, iron pieces of all sizes, wheels, sharp objects, tin, wire, etc. etc. This is not a very big pasture.

We will go back over as soon as the snow melts and walk the pasture, to make sure there aren't any small objects still sticking out of the ground. Is this how someone who thinks of the horses and their needs, before his own takes care of the very ground they run on?

Justin and Josh are helping the Greens clean up the land. The kids gathered the junk up, and with the loader - put it on trailers to remove from the pasture. Ray Field mentioned the Freibergers quite often on his web site; (calling us the Freillebergers, etc.) mentioning many times how we did not take care of our land or our animals. He claimed Jason did such a good job caring for the horses; and yet he admitted that he has never been to the 3 Strikes Ranch. For whatever reason he continued to support Jason Meduna; is beyond me. I will always question how someone can run a good rescue for horses; and fully support the Medunas.

The 3 Freiberger horses: Buck, Barney, and Buddy.

Ray Field said they were longing to go to 3 Strikes. I'm pretty sure they were smarter than that.

In fact I think they are pretty content just being where they are.

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  1. I've been following the Meduna story from afar, mostly from the fugly blog. Everyone knew the "neighbors poisoning our horses" story was BS. You can't take care of that many mustangs without a serious business plan, loads of hay and feed, heavy equipement and hard labor. Once we heard they were piled up carcasses out of sight we knew he was full of sh#t.

    Your horses look fat and happy. :)