Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Have I gone clucking crazy?
By the time you get to the end of this blog,
you will think I am;
or that I'm on a chicken campaign!
(Your idea, Britt!)
Actually, these are birds that
Jason Meduna left behind.

At first, I went over every day
(the Medunas were gone)
and fed the chickens, ducks, and peacocks.

These two were Don's favorites.

It took awhile before they came to me.

I've never had pet chickens!
or ducks, or peacocks.

But some were given names...

I loved the peacocks.
I never was able to get real close.
At least they quit running from me
when I brought food.

They stayed at the barn,

and the trailer.

This lone chicken liked to
hang out at the barn
with the peacocks.

Me, feeding my feathered friends.

Once and awhile, Josh or Justin
came over with me.
I had to get them over there,
so they would go along with
helping me getting them caught
to bring to our house.

Cadence, looking for birds.

"There e-is!"

Then Cadence and I would back off,
and watch them eat
the food she gave them.

They loved it when
the snow was gone.

One day, there were feathers.
Too many.
Cadence didn't realize where
all the chickens were.

I loved watching her...
out of the vehicle with delight;
she slapped her hand on her knee,
"Chick - chick- chick!"
I had a plan....

but when birds are abandoned...
in the country....

their chance of survival is slim.

So for a short time
I enjoyed having feathered friends.

Cadence will remember feeding
the 'chicks' from the stories
and the pictures.

The following link is for the birds:
the chickens, the ducks, the peacocks;
and the kitties, dogs, burros and horses.

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