Sunday, March 21, 2010

Left Behind.....

Caution: a bad word at the end... (forgive me, but I didn't write it, it's just a picture)

Left behind....

Many questions have been asked about the whole 3 Strikes ordeal. Mainly, 'what kind of person does this to so many animals?' We certainly don't have the answers, not many people do. I wonder what kind of person does this - continually? Mudna stated often in emails, 'this wasn't his first rodeo' (in talking about dealing with Vicki Freiberger to his former supporters). Seriously. I have the emails-written by Mudna, and by some others: about the Freibergers. Blows me away. It's probably what I've read in the emails, and what I had read throughout on the forums; that keep me hungry to tell the truth - or just tell. Hungry- granted; it's more like throwing cups of gas on a burning fire; every once and awhile - there's a burst of flame.
As I sit and ponder what pictures I should, or shouldn't include; the many thoughts circle in my mind of the lies they've told; some just purely stupid, and some a little more on the vicious side. Mudna told different people that my husband forced his dad and mom to move to town, and that he hated his dad. Now Mudna followers: do you think after living 30 years in the same yard, going up to your mom's house (my mother-in-law) for coffee nearly every morning (that's why we called it 'The Coffee Shop' - even our good neighbors new that) and we remodeled my mother-in-law's home - and this has been her family's heritage since she was born - and my husband is 4th generation (which I've probably mentioned) and our 2 sons are 5th generation to continue in this family ranch surroundings - take a breath Vic - and the decision was totally theirs to move in to town. But for Jason to say otherwise, when he didn't know squat.... and to be believed?!!! Yikes. I realize it was his way to get people to believe his lies of how bad we were because......
Or... how about the story that Don (my husband) got in a fight with Don (my dad) and kicked him off of the ranch! (Here's another, 'if you don't believe me; call any one of our neighbors'.) Mudna invented lies that I can't even figure out how it would have been a thought process in ones' mind, to even think of the lie to begin with. I could put a huge photo album of pics of my dad coming out here to help us. He loves to come out and help, and we love having him out here. So there's some fuel on the fire.

It's like a friend of ours, Pastor Jim, said to Don many, many years ago: "Don, Vic is like a mamma grizzly bear. You stay clear of her, you'll probably be alright; but mess with one of her cubs, she'll tear you up." Now really, I don't write that to sound all 'your mamma - tough stuff'; or to portray that I think I'm tough- but it is how I feel. I might go down swinging, but at least I'll be swinging. I'm really a nice, mild-mannered person!

The following is some of what was left behind. Someone told me they saw a moving van in the night. I guess they didn't want to be noticed.

Must have dreamed of being a 'cowboy'.

A cowboy who had saddles on fences, even one on top of the garage.

Of course when I saw this, I thought,
"Dang, that's kinda cool..why would he leave that?"

What ever.

This is hanging on the wall. Someone made it.
Seems a shame to leave it behind.

Guess since they bought land in Wyoming,
they'll be able to get a new license plate.

There's a lot I wanted to write, but-

This is my favorite 'left behind' thing.
It is a wonderful 16 x 24 photograph by Pam Nickoles.
The 'joke' if you want to call it that; between Dan and I:
"Oh good, at least you saved the picture,
who cares about the basement!"
Explanation: when I was going over every day feeding the birds, and checking on the house and trailer (remember how terribly cold it was?) - everything was fine. I removed the photograph so no one could come in and take it, or destroy it. (I'm safe-keeping it for the Greens). I always said "Wow, made it through another cold spell." after I would check all the rooms in the house and trailer for leaks, etc.
Nobody told me pipes break when it warms up!!!!!
Luckily they were there that weekend.
That would be the same Friday of the last day of Meduna's trial. I did make it home in time that evening to talk them into coming over for supper, (Dan didn't want to impose) so we could discuss my saving of the photo! If it would have been warmer, we could have went for a swim in their basement after our meal settled.

And sadly, as everyone knows.....

left behind are the many, many animals - who perished.
Last, but not least:
this was in his pickup when the kids were cleaning up the big stuff.
It's probably their favorite find...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cleaning Up

Mr. and Mrs. Green....
at last some good neighbors at the
former 3 Strikes Ranch.
Someone to once again, do justice to
Glen and Lucille Kooper's ranch.


The Freibergers are helping the Greens do some clean up work. Mainly going around and removing the big stuff from the land. Justin and Josh were over cleaning up some stuff a while back, and sent me out on the 4-wheeler to locate more 'big stuff' that they could haul off. This was the first time I've been on the south and west a little of X-Mudna's. This is what I found.....

Brit, this is for you. Thought you'd like to see it.
This belonged to the Koopers. Used during haying.

A nifty little bone pile Jason made.

Jason had several of these wooden works
of art around the land.

Just think, another one of those,
"if he'd only spent that much time
taking care of the horses."

For those who think his problems
had just started in 2009.
Think again.
These bones are a little too white
to be that fresh.

Will we ever stop finding bones?

As I drove up to the lake, I found this.
My heart just sank.

Frozen in the water, left as a symbol.
No horse was safe here.
And no, this was not the lake they claimed
was poisoned, or was green.

It was simply a horse,

unable to continue on with life.

The weather is good now.

Snow is expected this weekend.

I hope to get to the large bone pile before the ground is covered once again.

I don't know what Jason thinks of as he sits in his cell. I don't know if Anissa will ever come to the reality of just what happened here. I still find it hard to believe that there are people who think Jason and Anissa did no wrong. I know there are many, many people that have visions of what was seen here. I was not at the scene when they were removing the horses. I was not on the scene, when they watched the black mare, who had dug a halo around herself, finally die; or to watch horses that could not stand up; watch new borns that could not survive. Those people, I feel for.

Those people will not forget the images burned in their mind.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mudna's Ranch Tour ...

Once all the problems came to light at 3 Strikes,

many of the lies told there - were exposed.

I was recently given the question,

"How long will you write about this person?"

There is something in me that desires

to expose each and every one

of the lies Jason and Anissa

have spewed from their mouths.

And yes, maybe somewhat of a desire

to make known our side of the story.

In every aspect.


That being the case,

I think it might be that I

should not live as long as needed;

naturally or otherwise.


The ranch was called '3 Strikes Mustang Outpost'

according to the sign shown above,

which was erected at the entrance

of the 3 Strikes Ranch.


During the onset of the

'horrible neighbors poisoning horses'

there became a great debate

(it was a great debate to me,

because I began reading on certain

Internet 'horse' forums... all the lies that were being

relayed by Jason and Anissa, about us)

The great debate was that so many

were insistent that I was just trying

to cause problems for poor Jason.


He allowed a few people on to the ranch,

and when they had the privilege

of touring the ranch - he took them;

and that tour consisted of

seeing what he wanted them to see.

They saw only what he allowed them to see.


No, I take that back....

had they truly opened their minds and eyes,

they too would have seen the truth.

But they CHOSE to believe the lie.


I have been on the path that their tour guide traveled.

The amazing thing, if those people

would have just ventured over the hill along the way,

anywhere along the way....

they would have discovered the bones also.

But I doubt 'venturing over the hill'

was part of the tour agenda.


In reality, it would have been fruitless.

I contacted a few people and tried

to get them to 'see the light' - or at

the very least, to keep an open mind and

ask some specific questions that should have

naturally sparked some doubt in ones' mind.


I must admit, looking back at that whole mess,

I have to chuckle at myself as to

just how naive and gullible I am,

thinking I could make people realize the truth,

when they really didn't want to know the truth,

and some of them still have that brain fizz to this day.



In the above picture, the lake and foreground belong to our good neighbors, the Gilroys. The land on the other side of the lake, and hills in the far background belonged to Meduna. The fence line came quite close to the lake. This picture was taken July 2, 2009. Keep in mind, Jason said himself that the horses were removed from this area in February of 2009 (safety reasons he claimed, so he could keep a careful eye on them, and protect them against 'the neighbors'). Consequently, no animals (besides coyotes looking for easy feed) .... I should say; no horses were on that ground for approximately 5 months, and then they were removed to the Bridgeport fair grounds.



A little closer view, the 'trail' road shows in the center of the picture. They must have merrily driven along, looking at the scenery (?), popped up over the hill and there was the beautiful lake and delightful little cabin across the way. Doesn't that just make you all tingly and your heart skip a beat?



This is a building on Gilroys' property that the following statements are about. It is almost directly across from where Meduna's tour guide road comes out on the opposite side of the lake. Fancy that. I later found out that besides Jason claiming we had Rayu in a barn, he also was suggesting that Gilroys had Rayu hidden in this 'building'. I think it was told that we were taking Rayu back and forth between our 'hiding places'. He (Mudna) even had people planted in various places, taking pictures the day the Sheriff came out to question our family and Gilroys, and search for the stolen Rayu. (Isn't FALSE REPORTING a crime?) But more about Rayu later....


Before you view the next pictures, keep in mind they had binoculars and high powered lens on about not letting your mind think for itself!!!! (Granted, some people know they were manipulated, deceived, and lied to; that's not who I'm talking about in this blog because they're now the smart ones). It's the ones that see all the evidence, and still believe everything he says.



The following is from a Jason follower....and I do mean follower, that emailed me about stuff I was putting on the board-that I should take it off to not hurt the case. And I shouldn't say anything about Mudna. The paragraph is in my words-so as not to copy her email (but I have it)..... Little had I known when we were emailing back and forth, that she was on Mudna's team the whole time! I remember why we were writing back and forth about it; she had it posted with other 3 Strikes pictures- and I was asking her if she knew that was not Jason's property........


There is a picture of a beautiful, serene appears to be a building nestled in some trees with a beautiful lake in front. (Anissa told her that the land belongs to the Gilroys and the picture was taken from Jason's side of the fence.) She thought it looked like such a beautiful and peaceful area that she wanted a picture of it. She said if she owned that property, she would fix up the building (if it needed it) and picnic on it every weekend. Also she would bring friends there to enjoy the place. She would also let guests stay there. She mentioned what a picture postcard perfect place it was, and that Mr. Gilroy was very lucky to own it.



(I do realize, it might have all just been a joke what she said, to somehow get even with me for trying to alert the human species what was going on at 3 Strikes Ranch.)

Now I doubt anybody will be staying here....even fixed up.

Especially Rayu!

And so it goes without people can be so swayed to believe anything......if they want to. It is a dangerous thing, one wonders how much money a person can con others out of? It is pride that keeps a person from letting all the facts and the evidence in? Or just sheer desire for something else in life. Who knows.


In a very short time...

after all the horses were gone;

it went from...

3 Strikes Ranch Mustang Outpost


The Brands Ranch...


The Beef State

The one thing I can't help but wonder....

If he had put as much time in the horses

as he did his signs, erecting giant posts, and

hanging skulls over his fences.....

how much better would the horses have been?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obstacle Course Training

Welcome to 3 Strike-Out

Obstacle Course

Horse Endurance Club

A picture perfect post card.
The perfect place for your horse...
(I wonder if the horses
Jason Meduna acquired -
after the rescue and removal
of the 'Nebraska 200'-
ever sensed the death of
those left behind?)
The Obstacle Course?
Here's the 3-Strikes-Your-Out
Sign-Up Requirements
Strike 1: (self-explanatory)

Strike 2: Arrive healthy,

preferably with good

eye sight and agility.

Strike 3: Do not run around

and play after dark.

It could be

hazzardous to your health.

I joke about the obstacle course here, but it was really no laughing matter. How many times did Ray Field, or Jim Lambley brag about Jason Meduna? Mr. Lambley fully supported Meduna throughout the trial. Lambley said he has been to 3-Strikes Ranch. I wonder if he covered the whole thing? This is the stuff left behind by Meduna, in the very pasture these horses are in.

Directly after entering the former 3 Strikes Ranch, right over the hill - where no one sees; scattered throughout the low spots in the area - are windmill parts, tires, wood, iron pieces of all sizes, wheels, sharp objects, tin, wire, etc. etc. This is not a very big pasture.

We will go back over as soon as the snow melts and walk the pasture, to make sure there aren't any small objects still sticking out of the ground. Is this how someone who thinks of the horses and their needs, before his own takes care of the very ground they run on?

Justin and Josh are helping the Greens clean up the land. The kids gathered the junk up, and with the loader - put it on trailers to remove from the pasture. Ray Field mentioned the Freibergers quite often on his web site; (calling us the Freillebergers, etc.) mentioning many times how we did not take care of our land or our animals. He claimed Jason did such a good job caring for the horses; and yet he admitted that he has never been to the 3 Strikes Ranch. For whatever reason he continued to support Jason Meduna; is beyond me. I will always question how someone can run a good rescue for horses; and fully support the Medunas.

The 3 Freiberger horses: Buck, Barney, and Buddy.

Ray Field said they were longing to go to 3 Strikes. I'm pretty sure they were smarter than that.

In fact I think they are pretty content just being where they are.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Born April 15, 1978
in Cologne, Minnesota

Occasionally, I find myself hashing
over and over in my mind,
the questions asked by Mr. Berry
at both my Deposition,
and the trial of Jason Meduna.


During the Deposition on August 24, 2009,
those present were:
Mr. Berry; County Attorney, Jean Rhodes;
Cynthia Brandt, RPR; and myself.
Mr. Berry asked if one of our
horses was a Palomino.
I felt immediately he was referring to Rayu,
as told to him by Jason Meduna
that we had stolen Rayu.
I replied, "We had a Palomino."
He than asked,
"What happened to that horse?"
I'm surprised I was able
to get through the question with no tears -
"He's dead."
"How did that horse die?" he asked.
"We put him down."
Has Mr. Berry ever owned horses,
or was this just lawyerism coming through?
I'm not saying he was being
a bad man, or mean...
I just don't think he's ever had
the good fortune to have a horse,
that is loved by the family.
My mind was in a whirlpool.
He continued, "And why was that?"
My reply as best I could,
"Because he was so old.
He had ........... just age."
I paused at my last answer.
Trying to find words. There weren't any.
I could have elaborated,
but I knew I would no longer be able
to hold down the lump in my throat.
I could have said that he was almost 30 years old,
had lived a life of adventure,
work - which he loved,
had lots of friends: both humans and horses.
He was an adventure to ride.
He was Don's horse.
As he got older, he was passed down to me.
I had to wait until he was older,
the bugger was hard to hold back.
He wanted to run like the wind,
and he could.
He loved to run, and my only thoughts,
besides exhilaration,
would be that he would not tumble
into a huge gopher hole as we flew!
He never did stumble,
as sure footed as he was.
He was anxious to work cattle;
when a saddle was put upon him,
pleasure riding was the
furthest thing from his mind.
It was time to find cows.
I could have told Mr. Berry all of that.
I should have said the Palomino
you're thinking of, Rayu -
has never been on our place.
I understand what Don means by wishing to have the memory of certain animals locked in his mind, and not on photos. He thinks photos can be too hard. When I found the pics of Dan for this blog, it was as if a small tsunami had suddenly rippled from the top of my head and out my toes. It is hard to see. But it's important to me for all the pictures, to pass on. He was laid to rest deep in the ground, we had a 'service' for him, said our good-byes...... he was a friend.
Jason Meduna told many people
that the Freibergers did not own horses.
If we had owned all of his horses,
instead of him.....
they would not have suffered.


April 15, 1978 - April 1, 2008

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Have I gone clucking crazy?
By the time you get to the end of this blog,
you will think I am;
or that I'm on a chicken campaign!
(Your idea, Britt!)
Actually, these are birds that
Jason Meduna left behind.

At first, I went over every day
(the Medunas were gone)
and fed the chickens, ducks, and peacocks.

These two were Don's favorites.

It took awhile before they came to me.

I've never had pet chickens!
or ducks, or peacocks.

But some were given names...

I loved the peacocks.
I never was able to get real close.
At least they quit running from me
when I brought food.

They stayed at the barn,

and the trailer.

This lone chicken liked to
hang out at the barn
with the peacocks.

Me, feeding my feathered friends.

Once and awhile, Josh or Justin
came over with me.
I had to get them over there,
so they would go along with
helping me getting them caught
to bring to our house.

Cadence, looking for birds.

"There e-is!"

Then Cadence and I would back off,
and watch them eat
the food she gave them.

They loved it when
the snow was gone.

One day, there were feathers.
Too many.
Cadence didn't realize where
all the chickens were.

I loved watching her...
out of the vehicle with delight;
she slapped her hand on her knee,
"Chick - chick- chick!"
I had a plan....

but when birds are abandoned...
in the country....

their chance of survival is slim.

So for a short time
I enjoyed having feathered friends.

Cadence will remember feeding
the 'chicks' from the stories
and the pictures.

The following link is for the birds:
the chickens, the ducks, the peacocks;
and the kitties, dogs, burros and horses.