Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's time to start speaking out...

I don't know if 'bloggers' go in and practically rewrite their blog, but I am making some corrections, taking some bitterness out (I can let words get somewhat harsh) and getting back to my normal thinking.

It's too bad there are people who desire to bash people they know nothing about. In reality, I'm sure I've done the same thing, many times. The language in this blog is not my usual posting, but the words of spite and negativity are not mine. Once again, when confronted with, 'how long am I going to keep this up?' - and, I should 'just let it go'..... I might not completely let it go; but I realize (thanks to friends, especially my friend that's been thru this with me from the beginning; encouraging, understanding, and mostly; helping me to keep on the right path - thanks Brit) that I need to keep my character in check.

Turn the other cheek. I still like the story where Jesus went in and tore the temple apart, upturning tables, etc. I guess there is a time and a place for everything. I wanted to confront, (well - how can one confront someone who calls themselves anonymous?) so I'll still tell my side. Here is what was written on a blog I found while google searching 3 Strikes stuff:


Anonymous said...
mustangtruth/vicki freiberger/satans little helper is back!What a psychotic nutbag!You don't and didn't give 2 sh*ts about the 3 strikes horses.All your broke a*s cared about was trying to steal someone elses land and life by the foulest means possible.How lovely for the Meduna family that they were able to move away from your stalking, stealing, horse killing a*s!Do the fine people of the ABR actually buy into this nutters game?Hope you rot bi**h! You and your boys!
December 3, 2009 11:13 PM


Wow! That one surprised me! No, it wasn't bustedupcowgirl that wrote that, she actually defended me on her blog. And I thank her for that. I can't even begin to describe how I felt when I first saw that post from anonymous. But you guys are right, when I let it get to me, they won. Probably what did me in was talking about Justin and Josh in the way she did. But that also makes sense, when someone's going to attack, they are going to attack what means the most. I thank God I have good sons. Their thoughts on this person? ....just like yours...."She's not worth it, Mom."

I am here, because I desire a chance to speak up for myself against people that slander and lie about our character and what we believe in. Even if it is just on my blog. ***Let me rephrase: it was brought to my attention that people like this probably don't have happiness in their life. I should have more feelings of pity for them than of anger. I am usually a pretty compassionate person, and usually my first reaction would be one of 'wow, this person is empty'. So I read over my blog several times, each time the conviction hit me harder and harder.

My answer to your comments: yes, I gave more than 2 poops about the 3 Strikes horses. Seeing the survivors touches my heart greatly. What anonymous needs to remember, I...nor my family did anything bad to those horses. Meduna did it himself. Had they been healthy; none of this would have happened. Anonymous mentioned the word STALKING; I imagine you got that from Meduna. For instance; the day the Dep. Sheriff came to deliver my notice for the harassment hearing, we were in our meadow looking at a cow. We had cattle next to Meduna in the pasture to the west; I had just driven along the fence line on my 4-wheeler to make sure staples were not out, etc. The Dep. Sheriff had to stop at Jason's first and talk to him before delivering my hearing notice. Jason told the Dep. Sheriff, "She was just driving back and forth by the fence again a little while ago, STALKING us." Well first of all, .....If YOU had cattle beside Jason Meduna, wouldn't YOU regularly check your fences? That seems to be a no-brainer to me!

I'm trying to figure out the 'steal someone else's land by the foulest means possible'. Jason told people I hated horses, especially mustangs, and that's why I wanted them gone. What he didn't tell people is how I went over to the place and filmed the first load of mustangs being unloaded from the semi onto his property, as a favor to Lucille; the previous owner. He didn't tell you how he used to stop me when I was in the hay field on my tractor, and I would stop and go over and visit with him. (That gives me the willies now). That was the first summer he was there. He stopped me and said, "I see that you guys are haying this meadow, so I figure it must be time to hay mine since they're connected and beside yours." I am not kidding, that's what he said. He started haying it, but broke down and never got his equipment fixed. That was the end of his haying, until he hired it put up AFTER the horses were gone.

You call ME a horse killer? Our horses are doing pretty good. Maybe since you wrote that back in December, you now feel embarrassed; but that still does not justify what you said about me or my family. Like I've said before, this neighborhood, including our family; were very welcoming to the Meduna's. It was Jason that would not reach out for help. We offered.


Anonymous said...
BUC you should do your research. You really should.Talk about drinking the kook-aid!I agree with Marilyn.Wishing that your life may be filled with good things.But you have VF and her boys all wrong on this one.Facts don't lie."The land is under new ownership. If the Freiberger's wanted the land, they would have bought it...dontcha think moron?"If they had the money. Which they don't.One of the first rules of responsible reporting is to confine yourself to proveable facts.And this loser believes in the truth first and foremost.I have no difficulty wishing animal killers to rot in hell.No problem at all.
December 4, 2009 10:15 AM


So now she calls us animal killers, and we should 'rot in hell'?
Ok, we've killed some animals, that is true. They were suffering and we had done everything we could for them; so we humanely put them out of their misery.
And the money thing, I'm pretty sure this anonymous person isn't our banker, so how do they know our money situation? I'll add this about the money; who cares.

Rot in hell, huh? I still have a problem with this statement you made, anonymous. Let me tell you why, not so much is it a problem for me, because I know where I'm going when I die; I won't be rotting in hell. It's for those that aren't sure of where they're going...but that is a whole other subject.


(Dena's comment)...
Well, this has taken an interesting turn.BUC I have to agree with anonymous that facts are important.Necessary actually. Especially when in reference to a situation like this.Finding out whether or not V. Freiberger or family made offer or attempt to purchase the land isn't that hard.And the answer is, yes.Now does having done my research make me a nutter too?Or, does it just mean that there is a lot more to this story than has been presented?I have no dog in this fight BUC.I just want the truth.
December 4, 2009 10:34 AM


(By the way, Dena; I apologize for putting on here about your problems. If this was you, I guess I shouldn't judge do I know the circumstances for what you did or did not do? If you were wronged, hopefully you can rise above the situation; if you did what was public news - hopefully you've changed your life around and that is all completely behind you.)

So now we have Dena, and anonymous. At least Dena had the courage to put her name when she questioned about the Freibergers.

Big thing isn't it? The Freibergers put a bid on the land. What is this world coming to?


(Dena's comment)...
Okay now I am laughing. And I agree that simply making an offer isn't indicative of nefarious intent.

That said, what if you are stretched to the limit and the bank says No Way Honey?

Vic's reply: Forget what ever I said about the bank, the money we have or have not. Who cares? If you all choose to ponder about it, guess it gives you something to think about. Remember; money is the root of all evil. I'm thinking though it's the root of all evil if you make it your god.

(Dena's comment): And what if you know something about the value of the property that not everyone else does?
And what if there is strong evidence that you deliberately worked to drive down the price of said property?

Vic's reply: WE deliberately worked to drive down the price of the property? I'd say Meduna worked pretty hard on that. We were not ever on the property. We didn't rape it of it's grasses. We didn't leave bones scattered all over.

(Dena's comment): Acted in all sorts of manners to make the property seem extremely undesirable?
Like I said, I have no dog in this fight.But in being objective doesn't some of it at the very least come across as a little stalkeresque?
I read all of her posts from the beginning and they just seemed blatantly manipulative to me.
I helped place some of those Mustangs BUC. My primary concern was and is their welfare.
And many of their symptoms did jive with rumensin poisoning.
Hair loss for instance from malnutrition usually isn't evidenced until much as in almost all of the body fat has been absorbed.
And one other nagging feature for me is this.Do I know the parties involved?
No.But Mr. Reynolds has devoted much of his life to preserving the Sorraia Mustangs. Something like 210 left?
Not sure of the number.But why would this man trust Jason Meduna with what appears to be his lifes work?
And why did everyone involved grossly exaggerate the number of dead?

To be honest Vicki Freiberger reminds me a great deal of another California nut before her fall from grace. The great STFU.There has been so much shoddy work by the supposed authorities in this it reminds me of the O.J debacle.
And I am not willing to throw Marilyn under the bus because she is adament in her defense of the Meduna family.
She took the time to go there. She also took the time to go and see Rayu.And we all know how I feel about poor Rayu. That horse has been lost and found more times than a set of keys.Honestly BUC I just don't know.
People lie.
People do horrible things to each other every day.
I just know that when it comes to credible information I am not willing to eat the candy at ABR.I want facts.
Because that is where the truth will unfold and reveal itself.
And I do not want to be guilty of convicting ANY innocent party.
I don't disagree with what you said about the background check.
But I know from personal experience that not everything put in print is the gospel.
And here is what keeps running through my mind. What if? Just what if the man is not guilty?

December 4, 2009 11:14 PM


So many comments. For what it's worth; Dena you have the right to think anything you want about the Freibergers. You are wrong in your assumptions, but anything I say will not change your mind. The people that are our friends, and actually seeked the real truth in this whole ordeal don't have those questions - their main question is 'what would possess a person to do this to innocent animals?' I visited with Mr. Reynolds all afternoon on his court day. We had an interesting conversation. People just speculate and don't know the truth about many things. A lot because they don't want to know the truth.
The number of dead was actually probably understated. We have since then found more skeletons that what were accounted for on the property. It would be interesting to gather all of the skulls, and get a count. But the coyotes have probably drug many of the smaller ones off.

The realtor called us before the property was listed. He said he always does that to surrounding neighbors when it's in the country like this. I asked him if he had any bids on it (I knew of 2 people that had placed a bid with him) - he said he could not tell me the bid amount, unless we placed a bid ourselves. I did not at the time, because I told him we knew it was going to go for more than what we would pay. I did not place a bid until the morning I was leaving for my harrassment hearing in Bridgeport. We were simply curious as to what the land was up to, so I called and gave him an amount. We both chuckled.


I took this from a blog and posted it because these people are telling lies about me, and it is my right to speak up and defend myself, and my family. Accusations were being posted all over the place about what we did or didn't do. This is the first of many. I realize lies will always be told about us. That is life. The people that count know the truth. That is good.


What I did, was saw horses and land in trouble. Nothing more. If you say you love horses, and accuse me of doing something wrong as far as those horses go; then it is my opinion, that you don't really have a horse's best interest at heart. How can you?


If by chance, these 2 people realize after all of this time, and all the facts are out; that perhaps they were wrong...let this be a reminder that you should be careful of what you write about someone; before you know the facts.


And as far as 'anonymous' goes; you say my sons and I can rot in hell. You call me satan's little helper. I don't think you understand the judgement you have just put upon your head. Yes, you might have gotten my dander up for a short time. But that too has passed. I am just thankful that I have a life, a good husband, good kids and their families, good parents, and a bunch of wonderful friends. To have thoughts as you do, I feel sorry for your emptiness. Hopefully by now, if you even read this; your opinions have changed, your heart has softened, and the world seems a better place.


  1. Vick,

    And so goes the nature of the internet... where people can argue about "how high is up". Where Anonymous will swear on a stack of bibles that she saw Mother Theresa riding around with Jesus Christ in a purple pimp mobile clubbing baby seals and throwing cigarette butts out the window. What I am trying to say is that there is no possible way to convince everyone that the truth is real. You could drive yourself crazy just trying. There will always be a few wingnuts who like to poop in the pool just to be contrary. They have nothing else. It is hard not to react to the venom and spite... hard not to feel hurt that people can spout such drivel because after all... you did *the *right *thing. Let them have their lies. Let them speak their wacky stories. It doesn't change the truth.
    Like water off a ducks back, Vick.

    Best to you and yours.

  2. I agree. It is not worth your time and you don't need to defend yourself against what people like that will say. What they think doesn't matter. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

  3. April, thinkmusic, Brit, and Mom.... thanks for pulling me back to reality. Won't let that button get pushed again!

  4. I agree that you don't need to keep trying to defend yourself from this kind of garbage, but you went through a horrible experience and it probably helps the healing to blog and get it out. I think most people with a brain know you did the right thing and the others aren't worth a second thought.