Friday, February 19, 2010

Where Was The Grass?

...Continuing on with my 4-wheeler trip,
Meduna lived at the place
you can see in the back ground.
You may not be able to view it too well,
it's where the trees are.
Guess which side was 3 Strikes?
.....times up - it's on the left.

X - 3 Strikes land is on the right.

At Meduna's trial, Anissa testified
that they had someone put
the hay up, to 'show there was grass'.

My question:
To show there was grass....
when? At that time?

What about the grass
in the summer of 2009?
Was there grass on the hills?
(the foreground on the above photo is a neighbor's pasture)

The question was not
whether or not there was grass
in September and October of 2009,

the question was, how much grass was there in
February, March, and April of 2009?

When there were horses on the land,
looking for grass....

...can you see how they might have cut
the skin around their nose?
They must have learned to close their eyes
as they nuzzled in the soapweeds,
desperately trying to find something to eat.

Many of the horses had cuts
on their nose, eyes, and face.
They were trying to find nourishment
in the soapweeds.
You can see the land border.
Do YOU see any grass?
You cannot count that on the left,
it was not part of 3 Strikes.
How many times did the horses walk this corner?
Looking over the fence, they saw grass
...but it belonged to someone else.
It didn't matter where I went around the property.
It was the same thing.
The path of eaten grass on a neighbor's land,
the horse had tried to find more food.

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