Monday, February 15, 2010

Thunder In The Clouds


Remembering the Mustangs of the Sandhills....

Nine months ago, many animals were saved from 3 Strikes Ranch.
Many did not survive.

It was Lonnie Littlehoop's desire, to bring some sort of closure
for the mustangs who did not make it out alive from 3 Strikes.
Through this, they hoped it would also be a healing
and understanding process for the children
that once were involved in a program at the mustang ranch -
a program of love and caring each child
would be able to give to the mustang that was 'assigned' to them.

On January 22, 2010 - Lonnie Littlehoop rode from Alliance to the former
3 Strikes Ranch, once owned and operated by Jason Meduna.
Jen and the kids drove the horse trailer,
Liz Lee and kids followed in her vehichle.

This would be the first Mustang Memorial Ride for the horses.

The ride was open to all,
many were expected to come from neighboring states.
I remember in a planning meeting that Lonnie and Jen had,
Lonnie stated he hoped the weather would be cold, even snowy.
I thought he was crazy!

But his reasoning... was to remember and pay tribute
to what all the horses endured through the winter at 3 Strikes.
Out in the cold, the snow, and the wind.....struggling to survive.
Without food and water at their disposal,
life for the horses would have been hard, painful, and long-suffering.

It was actually fitting that on the first day,
he was the only rider.

I believe for every evil, there is good.
Once upon a time, a person rode his horses
up and down this road to Alliance.

Now, this rider on the horse would bring goodness
to the memory of all the horses that perished -
and bring good memories for the survivors.

Jen, opening the gate for Lonnie...going onto the former 3 Strikes.

Lonnie and Nahpiya

Lonnie said it felt like he was riding through a graveyard.

The journey is over for the day.
Now Nahpiya (which means 'Clouds')
would get to spend the night at
the Nebraska Boys Ranch, with feed, water, and rest.

Tomorrow he would walk back to Alliance from the Boys Ranch,
but with more riders on the 2nd day.
(And the weather was much warmer!)

Jen, Lonnie, and the kids who had 'adopted' horses.

They walked around a now empty corral, where once they came
and worked with their horses. Now they were gone.
Some of the kids do not know if their horse survived.

We are in the process of locating their horses.
Hopefully, they will find that they are now all in loving homes.

We gathered to the center of the corral, forming a circle.
Lonnie led the prayer in his native tongue.
No pictures would be taken.
Being a part of the 'song' for the horses,
was something I will remember forever.
I'm so thankful I was able to be a part of this ceremony.

Thanks to Laura, we all enjoyed yummy hot chocolate afterwards.

Your gift was so thoughtful Laura!!
The day was cold, and the hot chocolate warmed us to the bones.

The painting of the four horses....

was done by Jay Largo

from Jen's vision of the Mustangs in the clouds.

(Jen's brother Jay, is from New Mexico)

The t-shirts are available to purchase. Jen did the screen printing herself.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, I will get you in touch with Jen.

I think they are $15 + shipping.

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