Monday, December 14, 2009

Neighbor to the former 3 Strikes Ranch

December 14, 2009 This is my first time 'Blogging'. Having to look up the word, "blog" -just to see what it meant, this will most likely start out a little rusty.

My desire is to write a book. Isn't that what everyone thinks, when something monumental happens in their life? A way to share their experience... I've read this is a way to start: Blogging.

So here's the boring part; my history. My name is Vicki Lynne (Odell) Freiberger. I have lived in Alliance, NE, all my life. I married a guy that I graduated with, but really never ran around with until college. We were married in 1978, and have lived on the ranch that he is 4th generation of. Our sons also reside here with their families. Justin, Allison, and their baby girl, Kimber Avery, live a couple miles west of us. Josh, Josie and their daughter, Cadence, live in the same yard as us.

We live in a wonderful 'community' with wonderful neighbors.... until a few years ago. That's what this blog is about. You have probably heard of the 3 Strikes Mustang Ranch in Alliance? Or maybe you've heard of the biggest horse seizure and rescue in Nebraska history? I shall not discuss any of that at this time; not with the court date coming in January of 2010. But around the time of the horse rescue, many MANY lies were being told about the Freibergers. I would imagine the name of Jason Meduna stands out to some, or his wife- Anissa Meduna. They used to live at the 3 Strikes Ranch. In fact, they are gone, 3 Strikes Ranch is no longer, and all the horses gone. What is left there, are some pretty vivid memories of a not too distance past (oh yes, and some chickens, ducks, and peacocks).

This is only the beginning. I am here at this time, only to set straight the rumors and lies about my family; brought on by the people of the former 3 Strikes Ranch; and their friends, (or groopies, whatever you wish to call them). There are still some who believe what the Medunas have told them. To each his own.

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  1. Thanks, Vicki, for telling the truth and for doing what you could for the unfortunate horses and burros that Meduna failed. And thanks for the story of the Kooper Cow and Calf. What a wonderful ending in a story full of ugliness and death. Be well. Judy in WY