Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flyin' With Hawks

OK - so..... they are in the air..... I am on the tractor.

To watch these flying hunters is amazing. Besides the fact that I always feel the urge to 'save' whatever it is they are diving after; I know this is just nature's way of survival.

When we hay the pivot, that is the best time to watch their maneuvers; it is basically flat ground and I don't have to worry so much about hitting a bull hole! I can spend my time watching the sky as they circle above the tractor, zeroing in on the next meal that I turn over with my rake. I have witnessed as many as 5 hawks at the same time, circling and watching for prey. This morning there were two. One just sat on the wind-row I just turned; and watched as I drove by. Then as I came up beside him, he lifted. The wind was mildly blowing as he drove his wings to meet the air. He pushed himself up, and then glided in cicles; watching below. As I made my turn onto the next set of rows; one dive-bomber was headed for the ground. I thought I would watch him crash, but at the last moment - up he swooped, his capture in the grip of his claws.

(I guess you can't see the hawk, but he is in the upper left of the picture)

They follow along with the tractor, circling and diving, feasting on what was hidden in the hay. Last year, we had a coyote doing the same thing. He just followed behind the tractor and snacked throughout the day. LIfe is amazing. In a small, small little way; we get to witness our own little 'National Geographic' shows.

Speaking of this, guess I better get back to the hay field!.....

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